More About Course

June 30, 2006

Just received more information on my course.

A schedule for the 11 days workshop has been sent to me. That will be from 27/11/06 till 9/12/06 with a practical exam at the end of the workshop. The workshop will start from 9.30am till 5.30pm (wah, such long hours) including Saturday.

What’s worst is that I need to do the LAN (Lembaga Akreditasi Negara) subjects. Which I’m not too happy about, but have no choice, it I don’t do it, I won’t get my diploma. Sucks… have to do it in BM (HATE! HATE! HATE! that) Not only that I need to pay extra RM400 for just 2 subjects (Moral Studies and Pengajian Malaysia) and I also need to attend classes for this 2 blardy subjects during the 11 days workshop. So I would have to spent a Sunday (9am-1pm) doing Pengajian Malaysia, and another 7 days I need to stay back as late as 10pm just to do the STUPID subjects after the workshop. HELL!

I don’t really see the need of these subjects. Blardy! I did it in my SPM already lah, why still need to do it when it does not help AT ALL. Waste of TIME, Waste of MONEY. Moral cannot be teached through studies one lah, blardy, some more we are already matured adults, who needs Moral Studies. Even when you sign up for a course with Open University, you need to do LAN subjects. I really don’t see how it serve the purpose. SPM cert, matriculation cert and a Uni cert not good enough meh?? Why when come to furthering studies for own interest, we are FORCED to do these unnecessary subjects again??? That’s one BIG turned off, discouraging people like me to further studies. If I wanted to do something in BM, I would have really study real hard to get into Public University years ago, but I opted a private college where ENGLISH is used. HATE IT! Being FORCE to do something I have no interest in. (Sounds a little unpatriotic, but I really hate the language! That’s also why I cursed when I received my income tax form!) I hate these 2 subjects and I hate that I have to do in BM.

With that I will have to leave the kids for a total of 13 full long days. Cannot imagine that. Will stay with parents in Puchong. Luckily is school holiday, mum and maid can look after the kids, but still I have never left WH behind before. I have been a SAHM since his birth and JS has gotten use to me being around. Worry, worry.. heart thumping. Even leaving them half a day at home, my heart already flown to them, constantly thinking of them. Now 13 full long days, will they be good? Will they throw tantrum? Will they cry looking for me? Will they miss me? Argh…so many worries. And I’m going to miss celebrating JS’s 4th birthday big. Thought want to celebrate with her schoolmates but seems like we going to miss it, moreover my exam is on the 9th Dec. I wonder has there been any SAHM that has to leave their kids behind temporary, how did they cope? Any suggestion?


Winnie The Pooh Live KL

June 29, 2006

Pooh Bear Live will be in town today onwards. Hubby called to say there are 2 complimentary tickets for tonight show. Not able to change to weekend show (Hey, people give you complementary still want to request to change to weekend show meh?!) Unfortunately, we can’t make it back to KL on time. He’s going to give it away to his friend who went to Cartoonival with us. Dissapointed and I know if JS knew, she would be dissapointed too. She saw the ad on TV and has wanted to go so much.

That’s one BAD thing about not staying in the city. We missed Barney and now we going to give up on Pooh Bear too. (Not only the JS likes Pooh Bear, I like this cute little bear too! ;D )

JS’s Grumble

June 29, 2006

JS’s likes to grumble, every so often I hear the “yiwoyiwo” sound from her and it can be very irritating sometimes. It happens so often when she wakes up from her nap.

If I’m in a good mood then I will attend to her patiently, giving in to all her wish.

If I’m busy and in a foul mood, I will usually scream at her and that leads to more crying.

Sometimes I use to ignore her and let her kick up a fuss and throw her tantrum, after she has settle she would approach me.

I still haven’t really find a perfect way to tackle that….it’s very much depends on the situation.

School Violence

June 29, 2006

I saw this video clip on someone‘s blog when blog hopping. (Geez.. I don’t know how to copy the video, you have to access it from the link). It really scared me off and sent a cold chill down my spine after watching it. It’s a real disturbing video. I don’t remember seeing or hearing such violence during my secondary school days, though there were a bunch of naughty boys.

In the video clip, one of the girl was even making funny face in front of the camera, and there were students wearing ties (That means prefect. NO?), why didn’t they call for the teachers.

I don’t have any kids that’s in their teen or at school going age. But I do worry for my children’s future in school. What have the school became? A noble place to study and learn has turned into a place of violence and crime. School is no longer a safe place, there’s kidnapping, rapes, gangsterism, students involved in indecent acts….etc etc. It’s not uncommon for boys to be involved in gangsterism, it’s already bad, but girls involve in gang fighting, that’s worst and unthinkable. I have enough to worry about my daughter being con, rape, kidnap, now worst, need to have extra worry of being bully and mingle with the wrong group of people.

What kind of parents would raise this kind of problematic kids? Watch too much TV? Parents neglect? No proper religion? I hope the authority will take quick action. These bunch of girls should be sent to rehabilition center. They should be punished. I hope by the time my kids enter school, it would be a better, safer place.

Sidenote: After writing this, I went surfing, and this is in the news. here. One said the school authority is unaware of the fighting and the video clip, another said the headmaster is in denial, claiming that the clip was a haux, that the student just “play play”. The police were reserved about this as they claimed too many of this kind of video clips is circulating in the net (which mean they have doubt on the genuinity?) Serious action must be taken, not until someone is admitted in the hospital again, then only they seriously look into the matter.

Updates: Read from today’s newspaper that these gangster girls has been suspended from school. I wonder if this is the right action to be taken. Students who involved in gang fight apparently are those not so good in academic and not so keen on studying. By suspending them from school, I guess they would be much more happier than anything. That does not sound like a punishment to them. Without going to school, what are they going to do? where are they going during the whole day? Don’t expect them to be quarantine at home by their parents. Would their parents be bothered? I doubt. Maybe they would wander off in town,”lepaking”, which might cause more social problem. They should be sent and locked away in “rehabiliating school” (whatever it’s called) to be trained in special skill and be separated from their parents. Should give them a taste of being locked up without freedom and far away from loving family. Cruel? Nope. I think that will teach them a lesson to appreciate freedom of normal school and the comfort of living at home.

Singapore Trip II

June 28, 2006

Our initial plan for the 2nd day was to go to Sentosa Island. But the weather was wet and gloomy.

Since we cant go out, we ordered breakfast from the hotel. Again, it was one lousy and dissapointing meal.

After breakfast, we’ve decided to go shopping since the weather show no sign of turning bright. Took the cab to Takashimaya, reached there at 10am, just nice. Orchard Road is actually just near by the hotel that we were staying. It’s the GREAT SINGAPORE SALES!! Hubby did his shopping first and then we were at MNG. WOoola..all 50%, hubby was good enough to look after the kids where I spent about 1/2 hour inside by myself. Bought 5 pieces, total cost me S$150. Good bargain. Didn’t want to stay longer, a bit guilty for hubby to look after the kids alone.

Hubby said ” You better buy what you want and think is special, sign to the card, I’m not coming back again!” (Haha, how wonderful!)

But I didn’t go to any other boutique. We just window shopped. It’s difficult with two kids hanging around when one wants to browse through rack of cloths or try on shoes. So I just gave up on the shopping, moreover it’s not a necessity for me to buy so much be it on sale or not. 😀 All the shopping complexes are almost the same, you see one, you see all, unless you are a die hard shopaholic looking for good bargain. For us, we don’t really have things to buy in mind, just go for stroll.

We had early brunch at Taka, hongkee style. Ordered Wonton Mee, Duck rice and flavoured chicken rice for the kids. This time the food more edible and at reasonable price. After brunch it’s still raining and we can’t cross over to Paragon. Hang around at Taka a little longer. Later we went over to Paragon. Wanted to get WH shoes at Metro, but he refused to try on any new shoes. Once taken out his old shoes, he would cry and wail so loud until we gave up. Bought a pair of new Barbie shoe for JS.
Happy feeding himself.
JS and her new shoe.

Hubby was so sexy and a super man. I found my hubby super sexy when he attends to the kids personaly. 😀 He not only carried my handbag, he carries all the shopping bag and the diaper bag. JS walks sometimes, but most of the time she sat on hubby’s shoulder. It must be real tiring for hubby. JS sometimes refuse to walk telling us that she’s tired or she just walk too slow. Regretted not bringing the stroller along. I only have to carry WH on my sarong sling, even that I can feel his weight. Felt so tired after a little walk and we found a place to have coffee and rested a while before continuing our window shop. Walked along Orchard Road, went to another shopping complex and we were just too exhausted and decided to head back the hotel. We were back by about 2pm and the kids took their nap.

I went downstairs to Kinokuniya to shop at my own leisure during the kids nap. Bought 10 books, mainly in Chinese for S$100. I don’t know why the books in S’pore is cheaper than M’sia even after convert and somemore got 20% off. Hubby wasn’t too happy with me buying books. But when I bought the cloths from MNG, he didn’t complain much. Strange. I’m a book worm, I love my books far more than the cloths. HAHA.

Called my aunt who’s staying in Hougang. Too far for us to visit. Decided to meet outside for dinner. Aunt suggested “Lau Pa Sar” . We reached there by cab at about 7.30pm. Had seafood. Quite yummy. Aunt and Uncle bought us dinner. Again, so “pai seh”, didn’t buy them anything and they bought some cookies for JS and WH. Worst, we left the cookies with aunt, and they actually took a bus to the hotel to give it to us after dinner , which was quite late already. Somemore my cousin needs to go school the next morning. Didn’t have time to meet up another friend Renee, suppose to join us on Saturday, but I think it was her hubby’s birthday, so she couldn’t make it. Too little time, wanted to do too many things… impossible. After dinner we were quite tired maybe due to the day time walking, headed back to hotel to pack. JS was feeling much better on the 2nd day to be able to enjoy the trip.

3rd day. Sunny day. Finally we can go Sentosa. Didn’t plan to stay long. Just wanted the kids to see the Dolphin Show and go to the Underwater World. The rest, hubby’s not so keen. So it’s just nice to fit into our schedule. Walked to the MRT station at Clarke Quay. About 10 mins walk from the hotel. Took the MRT to Harbour Front station. Reached there at 9.30am. The MRT was quite vacant even on a Monday morning, maybe is past rush hour. The last time I ride on one years ago was a bit crowded. Had breakfast at one of the cafe at Harbour Front Plaza. We took the cable car. Reached the Dolphin area at 11am, just nice for the 11am training show. We thought we are going to miss it, coz it was a long queue when we queued for the cable car ticket.
In the cable car.

After dolphin show, we went to the Underwater World. The kids enjoyed it there. But hubby and me were just too tired already. Went back to Harbour Front Plaza for Chinese Lunch. Ramen and Xiao Long Pao and Pork Congee for the kids. Again need to take the MRT back. From the MRT station to the hotel, I’m already panting for breath while walking. Feel so tired and heavy under the hot sun. By the time we reached the hotel it’s already 1.30pm. Luckily we manage to get to extend the check out time again till 3pm. Rest a little while and have to get ready to go.

The kids didn’t get to use the swimming pool due to bad weather and time constraint. So let them “SWIM” in the bathtub instead just to sastify them/fulfill their request.
“Swimming” in the tub in full swimsuit and goggle.

Took a cab to Grand Corpthorne to board the 4pm bus. The food they served is better than the nasi lemak we got on the way there. JS was good, I’m surprise that she got friendly with a few passengers on the bus. She talked and sang to the uncles and auties and the korkor and che che. Not shy at all. We reached PJ at 9pm. The kids were good again throughout the journey back.

The kids especially WH was good with all the outside food we offered him. He just took in whatever we gave him plus bread. There goes my worries of his meal throughout the trip.

Didn’t manage to take many pictures. Too busy handling two kids, attending and entertaining them. Hubby was too busy with his new video cam and sort of abandon his good ole camera, but at least we got video clips for memory. We didnt cover much of Spore. Our purpose is to go for a relaxig holiday. Mainly to shop (more of window shop) and to Sentosa for Dolphin and Underwater world, it’s a trip more for the kids, just want to get away for a while. 🙂

One thing good about Spore is that eveywhere is spotlessly clean. One trip to the toilet, JS asked ” mummy, the toilet clean or not, smelly or not” I can just assured her “Clean” Because back in Malaysia, we try to avoid the public toilet as much as possible. It would either be dirty, stinky or wet. Floor wet, toilet bowl wet, each time we visit, I’m so afraid that JS’s pants will get wet, but no such problem in Spore. The public transport is excellent. Just need to hop in to any cab, they wont refuse to sent you to your destination, unlike in M’sia, need to check with the driver first if they will bring you there. MRT is fast and efficient and clean. All are well maintained. All our cab rides during the stay didn’t cost us more than S$4 each ride. It’s actually quite convinient to travel with kids in the public transport in Spore. Dare not think of that in M’sia. M’sia still a far way to catch up.

Today JS asked me again. “mummy, when we go Spore holiday again?” “When can we stay hotel again?” “Next time, dear”

The kids are down with cough and a little flu now. Maybe lack of rest and water during the trip. Anyway, though tiring, it was a pleasant trip. No, we didn’t came back with extra baggage (which is good, which mean I didn’t overspent on shopping)

I know we are not ready for those tour packages yet. Too tiring for the kids. They still cant do without their afternoon nap, and too much activities in a day will wear them down. Glad we went for our own free and easy trip which we can arrange our own activities, more accomodating to the kids.

Good bye Spore. The tired look on hubby’s face.

Singapore Trip

June 28, 2006

We are back from our 3D2N holiday in Spore. We had a lot of fun, but very very tired as well.

Friday night, we left for Subang after hubby got back from work. JS has got a cough after she got back from school. A little worried if she could make it for the trip next day. (One of my big fear was of any of us get sick prior the trip. Praying and hoping hard it won’t happen, but still it happens no matter how careful and precautious I was) Dropped the maid at my parent’s place before going back to my in-laws. (Don’t want to leave the maid with MIL, scare after come back got a lot unhappy incident) Didn’t sleep well throughout the night because JS’s cough became a little bad.

Saturday, we all got up early eventhough the bad rough night. Need to get ready and catch the 9.30am bus at Menara Axis in PJ. FIL dropped us there. 5 mins before leaving the house, I started to have tummy ache and realized I have forgotten to pack “po ji yuan 保济丸 ” ( I have also forgotten to pack my own cardigan and underpack hubby’s clothing). Tried to go toilet, but not able to relieve. Hoping and praying again I won’t need any stop throughout the 5 hours journey.

Boarded the bus at 9.20am, and it left on time. The Aeroline bus is very comfortable. The lower deck lounge is even better. Despite not enough sleep and a bad cough, JS was in good spirit and quite excited about the journey. We have got 3 seats. The adult’s cost RM80 while for JS’s RM50. 1 meal is served. Nasi Lemak with rendang and acar. Butter cake and coffee/tea/milo is served and each got a bottle of mineral water. Toilet is for light usage only.
Ready to board

Shortly after the bus left, I suddenly had a full bladder, the tummy ache has got better just some light cramp occationally. Tried to use the toilet twice on the bus, but it was very small and cramp and I just couldn’t do it on a moving vehicle. So I sat uncomfortably with WH on my lap. JS also got sicker along the way, she tried to sleep but woke up many times maybe due to not able to breath properly. And she complaint about tummy ache as well, so I kept massaging her tummy till she fall asleep and repeated it over again when she woke up in an awkard sitting position due to my very full bladder and I dare not eat the nasi lemak scared will get tummy pain and needed the loo. Luckily the bus stop at a rest area after 2 1/2 hr or so (couldn’t remember) at Paroh. Was a big relieve to me, as least no more full and pain bladder and can sit comfortably but still got a little tummy ache. Luckily they sell “po ji yuan” at the stop area. Got some just in case I need it. When almost reaching Spore, JS vomitted once, but luckily we came prepared with plastic bags. Overall, the kids were quite good throughout the journey, eventhough I didn’t pack any games or books for them. Just some cornflakes and my breasts were enough to keep them quiet. WH slept most of the time on the bus.

Reached Spore at about 2pm. No jam, easy pass through at the 2nd link immigration and custom check point. The bus stopped at Grand Corpthrone Hotel (Waterfront Plaza). Took a cab to Novotel Hotel in Clarke Quay. The hotel stay we redeemed from Credit Card Points. Got a standard room, but nice view. Can see the swimming pool and Spore River.

My tummy was quite obedient, didn’t give me much problem throughout the journey, only after check in it gave problem. 😀 Else I would need many stops along the journey. (My worst fear is to be sick or have tummy upset during travelling) Novotel Hotel is just next to Liang Court, across the road is Clarke Quay pubs and dine area. There’s a McD, 7Eleven, Kinokuniya, an Electrical Shop and some other small shops at Liang Court. Had our late lunch/tea at McD. And it rained while we were at McD, so we can’t go anywhere further. JS was also not feeling too well, can see that she wants to participate, but her breathing was shallow, her chest was tight and looked really sick. I knew she was suffering, because each time I had my asthma attack I had shallow breathing like hers. So we head back to the room for the kids to nap. Didn’t have a solid plan for the night. Called my gal friend, WL. Wanted to meet at Takashimaya, but couldn’t confirm. So later WL came to the hotel to look for us.

The kids woke up late, so we just hang around Clarke Quay area. Had dinner at one of the seafood restaurant. Ordered Sri Lankan Crabs, Yong Chow Fried Rice for the kids, a soup, a vege and a fried squids. WL got her friends to join us for dinner. The food except the crabs were bad and dissapointing. I think I can cook better fried rice than what’s served. When the bill came, it cost us S$200 over, very expensive for that standard. WL wanted to buy us, but we too ‘paiseh’ to accept. (WL, Thanks for your hospitality!) After dinner, we went for a boad ride at Spore river. The tickets were complimentary from the hotel. We called in a night after the boat ride.
With my best friend Wai Lai.

The first night sleep was not really comfortable. Four of us had to squeeze in a Queen’s size bed. Imagine kicking hubby in my sleep and he elbowed me on the head. Next morning, we called the reception to ask how much an extra bed cost. We found out it’s FOC for kids below 3, but our room is too small to fit in another bed, so we got upgraded to SUPERIOR ROOM, all FOC. We had also asked for a late check out as late as 2pm, because our bus back is at 4pm. Should have asked about the extra bed earlier. Never asked, never knew.
Bigger room, with King’s size bed for the 2nd day.

To be continued…

The “4” Tag

June 28, 2006

Four jobs I would stink at:

  • Doctor – Scared of the look of blood, scar, wound
  • Nurse – same reason as doctorClumsy Wife
  • Sales/Telemarketer – Not thick skin enough to hard sell
  • PR – Quiet and dont know how to initiate talk.

Four pretend nicknames I make up for myself:

  • Dragonmummy
  • Careless Mum
  • Clumsy Wife
  • Supermom

Four Movies I have watched over & over again:

  • The Sound Of Music – My all time favourite now JS’s too.
  • Disney Cinderella – Watch together with JS endless time
  • 玻璃之城 (City Of Glass)
  • 大城小事 (Leaving Me, Loving You)

Four places I have lived:

  • Perak
  • Subang
  • PJ
  • Negeri Sembilan

Four things I love to do on my weekends:

  • Stay at home no need to go back in-laws place
  • Eat out
  • Spent time with hubby and kids
  • Massage

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:

  • American Top Model
  • Beautiful Life (Japanese series)
  • Amazing Race
  • American Idol

Four alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed on offshore vacations:

  • Champainge
  • Baileys
  • Kahlua
  • Dont have 4th choice

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances, included our kids and hubby and family member):

  • Glasses/contact lense
  • handphone
  • Computer
  • Palm

Four of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods:

Can’t think of any

Four places I would rather be right now:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Disneyland
  • Europe Country