Plastic Surgery

There are 2 very close person in my life that has done it. A nose job and another a chin/jaw job. They are both single, having successful career and have the spending power to pamper themself. Understandable. Full stop.


A mother of 2. Gave up breastfeeing because it’s too troublesome. Slim down a great deal, turned into a sex siren. Left hubby and two young kids when the youngest is less than 2 years old to seek for a better life for herself. Partying, clubbing, drinking, smoking, use drug, has various boyfriends, even two timing. Later got her latest boyfriend to sponsor her for a boobies job (breast implant) and got dumped by this latest boyfriend…. I can just open my mouth in awe… puzzle and speechless. No..this is not drama, it happens in real life, to someone I knew personaly.

My maternal instinct just won’t allow me to abandone my kids for my own pleasure. I love my hubby too much, I have choosen him and we got married, so I will stick to him through good and through bad. As for a breast implant sponsor by boyfriend, it’s just unthinkable. No matter what,my family, My DEAR HUBBY and my CHILDREN are my top priorities.


3 Responses to Plastic Surgery

  1. My family are my No 1 priority as well 🙂

  2. can’t believe there are this people around right? 😛

  3. Elaine Lee says:

    一样米养百种人. All sorts of people are around, just a matter of whether we hear it, see it or not.

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