School Violence

I saw this video clip on someone‘s blog when blog hopping. (Geez.. I don’t know how to copy the video, you have to access it from the link). It really scared me off and sent a cold chill down my spine after watching it. It’s a real disturbing video. I don’t remember seeing or hearing such violence during my secondary school days, though there were a bunch of naughty boys.

In the video clip, one of the girl was even making funny face in front of the camera, and there were students wearing ties (That means prefect. NO?), why didn’t they call for the teachers.

I don’t have any kids that’s in their teen or at school going age. But I do worry for my children’s future in school. What have the school became? A noble place to study and learn has turned into a place of violence and crime. School is no longer a safe place, there’s kidnapping, rapes, gangsterism, students involved in indecent acts….etc etc. It’s not uncommon for boys to be involved in gangsterism, it’s already bad, but girls involve in gang fighting, that’s worst and unthinkable. I have enough to worry about my daughter being con, rape, kidnap, now worst, need to have extra worry of being bully and mingle with the wrong group of people.

What kind of parents would raise this kind of problematic kids? Watch too much TV? Parents neglect? No proper religion? I hope the authority will take quick action. These bunch of girls should be sent to rehabilition center. They should be punished. I hope by the time my kids enter school, it would be a better, safer place.

Sidenote: After writing this, I went surfing, and this is in the news. here. One said the school authority is unaware of the fighting and the video clip, another said the headmaster is in denial, claiming that the clip was a haux, that the student just “play play”. The police were reserved about this as they claimed too many of this kind of video clips is circulating in the net (which mean they have doubt on the genuinity?) Serious action must be taken, not until someone is admitted in the hospital again, then only they seriously look into the matter.

Updates: Read from today’s newspaper that these gangster girls has been suspended from school. I wonder if this is the right action to be taken. Students who involved in gang fight apparently are those not so good in academic and not so keen on studying. By suspending them from school, I guess they would be much more happier than anything. That does not sound like a punishment to them. Without going to school, what are they going to do? where are they going during the whole day? Don’t expect them to be quarantine at home by their parents. Would their parents be bothered? I doubt. Maybe they would wander off in town,”lepaking”, which might cause more social problem. They should be sent and locked away in “rehabiliating school” (whatever it’s called) to be trained in special skill and be separated from their parents. Should give them a taste of being locked up without freedom and far away from loving family. Cruel? Nope. I think that will teach them a lesson to appreciate freedom of normal school and the comfort of living at home.


2 Responses to School Violence

  1. 5xMom also blog about this today. How could we, as parents not be worried? They are starting to violent at such a young age. I am very concerned as Ryan will be starting Primary One next year, some more going to public school wor 😦

  2. Elaine Lee says:

    After I blogged about it only I realize it was on Star Headline.
    Very disturbing.

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