August’s Month Of Celebration

July 31, 2006

This is a month of celebration in our family.

1/8 – Hubby’s birthday

7/8 – Fil’s birthday

8/8 – 8th aunt’s birthday

10/8 – 2nd uncle’s birthday

18/8 – MY Dad‘s 60th birthday

31/8 – National Day



July 29, 2006

WH is showing sign of jealousy when I spent time with JS. He’s seeking for equal attention from me. Whatever the sister’s asking from me, he wants it too.

Whenever I said who wants a hug, both will rush to me at the same time. Sometimes I didn’t ask, I just quietly hug JS, WH will drop whatever he’s doing and come asking for a hug too. When I’m playing fingers or hands games with JS, WH also wants the same. When I piggy back JS, WH also asked for it. When JS asked me to smell her mouth after she brushed her teeth, WH also follows.

JS asked me to craddle her ” Mummy, rock-a-bye baby me” so I craddled her and sing the lullaby to her. WH was very angry and started to push JS away hard from me and he was crying. He pointed to the bed where JS used to sleep and said “Jie Jie”, he pointed to JS position and said “baby , baby”, he just won’t allow me to craddle JS like a baby , as though that’s his privilege…. this boy has certainly grown. 🙂

When I read or sing to the kids and I have more eye contact with WH, JS would protest and say “mummy, why you never sing/read to me” She is seeking equal attention from me as well.

JS is particulary jealous and feel threaten when hubby’s around. When I spent more time with hubby and talk to hubby, sure JS will “kacau” us.


July 28, 2006

The kids are getting sick one after another. JS hasn’t fully recovered but is now better. It’s WH’s turn. He’s having cough, bad flu and running a fever since 2 days ago.

Feeling tired taking care of them especially during the nights when the woke up many times. For WH, each time he isn’t well, he would want to latch on to me almost 24 hours a day. He’s so cranky and he also looses his appetite. He’s taking very little food, not much milk, sometimes refused, all he does is “nen nen, nen nen”

2 days ago, when the paed weighted him, he’s only 9.1kg at 21th month. A little small and underweight. I know he’s of the smaller build/frame unlike JS. JS’s weight now is 15.6kg, slightly heavier than her last visit a month ago, even she doesn’t eat, she’s a milk bucket. I can’t stop worrying about WH. It has been 21 months since I breastfed him, I know this is the best, but I can’t help wonder and worry sometimes if he’s getting enough, especially when he’s sick and that he doesn’t eat much. Will he have enough nutrient?? I know there’s a saying that “kids wont let themself go hungry” but each time I see him eats so little, I’m getting anxious. I can’t force him take milk, unlike JS, each time she refuses to eat, she will still drink bottle after bottles of milk…… worried worried….. scared hubby will say again “see….told you to wean him….or see…because he’s taking your milk,he’s so weak and small…. ” I am scared to hear all these remarks… it will only make me feel more guilty. 😦

Pretty Princess

July 28, 2006

JS’s is as vain as mummy. She wanted to keep her hair long and refuse us to bring her to the saloon to get a hair cut. But most of the time she also dislike to tie her hair, claiming that it’s painful. So have to threaten her, either to cut or to tie. 😀

Mummy trying to play hairdresser again..

And her treasure box…..

More Crafts

July 28, 2006 Super busy (month end..need to do banking, pay bills and plus kids sick and going back “kampung” tonight) time to do a proper post.. Just a simple post of JS’s craft  that we did together.

 Robot made of toilet paper roll, aluminium foil, straw and some colour papers from the magazine

  Cat. Paper plate craft.

Monkey WH

July 28, 2006


WH is in a stage where he’s very active and wants to explore. Ever since his monkey act of climbing the bed, he now likes to climb up every elevated surface.

I know Chinese are very “pantang” to mention the word monkey. When I mentioned the word “monkey” , WH will start doing all the funny act.

He climbs on the grill, he climbs up all the shelfs, he climbs onto the table and attempt to dive down into the sofa.

Everyday, there’s new bruises and knock found on him. He likes playing rough. When he’s riding on his bike, he would attempt to have an accident, overturn his bike, said ” Bang! Bong” and fall over on the floor. The other day , he got scracthes on the arms falling onto the rug by doing such act. The moment I leave him alone, he will be up to something michievious…

WH’s also a very bold boy. Each evening when he’s out playing at the compound, when he sees the neighbourhood kids (in their teens) he will call out “abangggg…. abangg..”

When he’s at JS’s music class, he’s particulary fond of this boy of JS’s age. He always attempts to go near to this boy and call “Kor kor….kor kor…..” but this boy is very shy, the more WH calls him, the more he hides behind his dad’s leg. I’m quite amazed because we don’t have older boys at home, but somehow WH knows that older boys are korkor/abang. and he knows that Malay boys is Abang and Chinese boy is korkor…. I’ve never taught him that… 😀 maybe he picks it up during our daily conversation and his own observation.


July 27, 2006

I have been assigned a task by my dear aunties… The brothers and sisters are going to plan a big surprise birthday bash for their “Tai Koh” (big brother…my father)

I’m suppose to compile pictures of my dad from babyhood until present and put it up in a nice presentation slide…

Now the problem….besides MS Powerpoint… is there any other softwares that I can make a presentable slide? With scrapbook theme better. Can anyone give me idea and suggestion???? Really want to come out with something nice for my dad. (I’m not good with all the photo editing softwares, won’t mind learing but can anyone let me know which is  a good software??)

Will be focusing on my task from now on until the bash… 😀