Idiot Driver

I know it’s a poor illustration, never good at using all this drawing softwares. Anyhow, it’s roughly what happened.

Went to pick JS, somewhere not far from the school, stopping at the junction (in front shop lots with parking lots at both side) in front of the traffic lights wanted to turn right. There’s a yellow box. There were about 3 cars in front of the traffic light, I have to stop further behind so that I won’t stop inside the yellow box (wrong?) There came this big pick up truck behind me, keep honking on me to move into the yellow box, because this idiot wanted to turn left, which doesn’t have to wait for the traffic lights to turn green. I’m driving a small kancil, this stupid idiot car is so big that he couldn’t squeeze through to turn left hence inching near my car bump and keep honking me to move into the yellow box.

Wanted to ignore him, but this idiot honking non stop and drove nearer and nearer to my car, really scared he will bump into my car with two kids inside, so I drove into the yellow box. Can’t this stupid blardy fool idiot see there’s a yellow box which means you not suppose to stop in that at that area??

I was wondering, did i really block the traffic??? Or is this astupic blardy impatient driver that couldn’t care if I abide to the road regulation, who couldn’t even wait for a little while for the traffic lights to turn green? That moment, heavy traffic at both side of the road in front of the shops and there were cars parking at both side. This blardy selfish moron!! Sometimes I feel that it’s because I’m driving a small car, that I’m more prone to be bullied by other idiot drivers who’s driving in bigger cars.


3 Responses to Idiot Driver

  1. MLNS says:

    I feel for you coz I drive the BIGGGG kancil also.Lol. U are right, the shithead should be more patient but becoz of road bullies nowadays, we have to reconsider, ya?

  2. dragonmummy says:

    *sigh* hated all these road bullies. A woman driving a small cars with young kids in it, always get the bully…. where have all the gentleman gone…:(

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