Small Mentality

Small town people has got small mentality. I’ve experienced this with the idiot driver.

Another is about open burning. Regardless of whether there’s haze or not, open burning should be totally banned. The authority must take strict action, but again in this small town, everywhere you can find people burning rubbish. In my housing taman alone, it’s not usual to find a few houses doing open burning, the smell of smoke is bad even with a air purifier at home, we can’t totally get rid of the smell. Feel so suffocated with the burning smoke, moreover there’s this tabacco factory near to our house… Open burning does not only occurs in our taman, basically the whole town, everywhere I drive around during the evening, will see smokes rising in the sky. What’s the authority doing?? No body seems to care. The problem is , the garbage man doesn’t want to collect dead leafs and grass even already wrapped up properly in a garbage bag.

The drain outside my house is always blocked. My maid have to clean it so often by scooping up alot of dried leafs from the drain outside our neighbour house which is vacant. Only today we found out the neighbour 2 door away is sweeping all the dried leafs and sampah into the drain. Such a selfish act. With block drains, obviously there will be lot of mosquito.

I think I also mentioned about people doing business in this small town before. From landscapper to worker that plaster the wall to piano tuner, you need to call them a few times and they never turn up with you on the appointed time. When you call again , they just simple don’t answer your call or turned off the phone. They don’t even care about having one extra business…

Life is real sucks here……

PS:/ Andy.. u reading my blog??? Can you tell me why people from your hometown ini macam huh?????


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