Exam Over

September 7, 2006

Today is the last day of exam (not mine…but JS’s)…yup…even for a 4 years old she has got to go through exams already. This is the 3rd time during this school year.. I suppose there will be one last time before school terms end.

Even kindy’s exam today is like a “no play play” affair. Weeks ahead, the teachers already handed out revision sheets for them to do at home and with a notice to parents to guide their kids and also an exam schedule is distributed to parents…(hecks..this is only kindy la)

The 1st time I received such thing..I was shock…heck, I only want to sent my girl to socialize and have fun (there’s no play school here) and I got so stress up and putting a lot of pressure on my poor little girl…I did the drill…a lot of own made flash cards according to the revision sheets and it was no fun…really no fun. After all she doesn’t know the concept and the objective of EXAM!!!

The 2nd and 3rd time I received such notice..i really couldn’t be bothered anymore…I just make sure she doesn’t have to skip school that exam period (which is make sure she’s on top health and not fall sick)…no more revision …no more drill and I just treat it as any normal school days….i reckon she’s just too young to have to be put on this kind of pressure…. I wonder what has become of all the pre-schools, why has it become so result orientated???


Kid’s Talk

September 7, 2006

After reading twinsmom post about the Belles able to speak Mandarin, I also gila gila go try it out on my girl for fun. I didn’t really speak Mandarin to the JS at home, but i always remind myself to speak Mandarin to WH (but most of the time I’m not mindful and always speak to him in English)

ME: 你叫什么名? (what’s your name?)

JS:嘉璇 (JS)

ME: NO, 讲"我的名叫郑嘉璇"(no , say my name is TJS)

JS:我的名叫JOJO (Jojo as in the character in playhouse disney)

ME: Why you always like to change your name?

JS: Because my name JS very old already, yesterday use JS already, (she always use “yesterday” for any past days) so I want to change new name.

Hubby: Then daddy also old already, you change new daddy want or not?

JS: *nodding her head*

ME: That means give you a new daddy and mummy also old, give you a new mummy wor?

JS: dont want…….

The Things I Do When I On The PC….

September 7, 2006

My daily habits on the PC…

1) Check mail, reply mail, reply comment

2) Read blog feeds

3) Check my own blog stat and what search terms leads to my blogs (before using WP , I never bothered to look at all these… now I’m addicted to that )

4) Write blog

5) Login to MSN…

6) Surf for other links and assignment sources

7) Write blog again……