I Love You

September 11, 2006

Sometime ago I wrote this. During our courting years we were very lovey dovey, we hold hands, we steal kisses whenever possible, even for a mere few second in front of the traffic lights….but things changed when the kids came along.

After I have written that post, I took the initiative to say the three magical words to my man when I feel like it…but now, it sounded a little strange…. it sounded more like saying it for the fun of it and no more mushy mushy feeling, it’s hard to express the mushy mushy feeling in my heart through these three words anymore.

How strange things changed…even it’s still the same three words …. the feeling is still there , but the way it’s expressed in no longer the same…

Now, I get the daily “I love you” with hug and kisses and with full of affection from my girl instead…..she would got “I love you mummy”, over and over again many times a day….


Montessori Vs Traditional

September 11, 2006

Some of the comparison between Montessori and Traditional Education

Montessori: 3 year span

Traditional All one age 

Montessori: Motivated by self-development

Traditional: Teacher motivated 

Montessori: Ungraded

Traditional: Graded 

Montessori:   Self-correcting materials

Traditional:   Teacher corrects errors 

Montessori Children learn by handling objects and teaching themselves

Traditional Teacher lectures 

Montessori Individual learning

TraditionalGroup learning 

MontessoriTeacher is observer and director

TraditionalTeacher is focal point and dominant influence 

Montessori Few interruptions

Traditional Frequent interruptions 

MontessoriChild sets own pace

TraditionalTeacher sets pace 

MontessoriChild chooses materials

TraditionalTeacher sets curriculum 

MontessoriReality orientated

TraditionalRole play and fantasy 

MontessoriRecognition of sensitive periods

TraditionalAll children treated alike 

MontessoriSelf education through self-correcting materials

TraditionalUse reward and punishment as motivation