Kids’s Funny Talk

September 15, 2006

Rolling in bed with kids to put them to nap. JS started talking about the 3 glass figurines that hubby bought the other day….

JS:” horse for me, monkey for didi and pig for meimei”

ME: “who said that?”

JS:”mummy la” (did I say that?? when was that?) why today no meimei yet….

ME: “very hard to make meimei”

then I started talking to WH

ME: “bie… you want meimei or not? Then you can be korkor. But when got meimei then you cannot have nen nen anymore…meimei will have nen nen”

Upon hearing that,

JS : ” Mummy, sit up sit up”

ME: “Why?”

JS: ” Sit up first la” (I sat up)

JS: “see…you got 2 nen nen. One for didi and one for meimei” (finger pointing at me doing the count) *fainted* That’s what you call Maths & Calculation!! :p

Anyhow..upon hearing that WH started to cry and protest!!


When I’m Angry…

September 15, 2006

Whenever I’m angry with my kids, they knew now..

WH would cry for a while then he would come to pat me and call me “mummy” with a sweet nice tone and a sweet smile on his face

and JS would say “Sorry” without having me to tell her so. Sometimes she would just cover her eyes with her hands and mumble ” I dont want to see mummy’s angry face” but she never failed to say “sorry” and it’s hard to be angry for long. After I have cooled down she would say ” Mummy, why just now you angry with me?” ….alamak, she didn’t know why and yet she can say sorry….

Boy Gone Missing

September 15, 2006

If you have read the newspaper today, you are likely not to have missed this piece of news with the cute chubby little boy picture on it…

The boy has gone missing in a shopping complex and I thought it’s a kidnaped kind of thing or being snatch , but boy…I just can’t believe what I’ve read about how the boy’s gone missing and I have to read it over and over again and doubting if I have read wrongly, or perhaps the newspaper has reported wrongly.

Here’s how it goes…

a one year old boy gone missing in Sban Terminal One shopping center. The mum is only 15 years old. Gone shopping with her son and spotted a notice stating that a printing outlet was looking for workers.

“I wanted to go inside for the interview but my son refused to enter, so I had no choice but to leave him outsie”, …..

…she left her pink handbag with her son with documents and her son’s birt cert in it..and both the boy and handbag are nowhere to be found…

The boy would’t have gone missing if the mother has a common sense and a sense of responsiblity. I don’t pity the mother but I’m worried of the boy safety. No sane mother would have left a one year old toddler wondering in a busy shopping complex with bus terminal and taxi station next to it for a good 15minutes and somemore left the handbag with the boy. A 15 years old mother???? which meant by 13 already had sex and 14 given birth…. Oh my….what’s the maturity of this young girl…she can’t even care for herself….what more about caring for a young toddler….

I really don’t sympathize with this young girl…all I wanted to say is “Pandan Muka”….

Updates: just in case you have not heard/read/known about the outcome. The girl finally admitted that she has made a false report and she has actually given her baby away so that her mother(the baby’s grandmother) won’t scold her. And guess what, the next day it’s even in the cover page of the newspaper of this girl’s ex-husband with the baby. Hhmmm..think about it, isn’t it a crime that he has commited? I thought it’s consider rape if one has sex with an underage girl?? How come no authority go after him??