Boy Gone Missing

If you have read the newspaper today, you are likely not to have missed this piece of news with the cute chubby little boy picture on it…

The boy has gone missing in a shopping complex and I thought it’s a kidnaped kind of thing or being snatch , but boy…I just can’t believe what I’ve read about how the boy’s gone missing and I have to read it over and over again and doubting if I have read wrongly, or perhaps the newspaper has reported wrongly.

Here’s how it goes…

a one year old boy gone missing in Sban Terminal One shopping center. The mum is only 15 years old. Gone shopping with her son and spotted a notice stating that a printing outlet was looking for workers.

“I wanted to go inside for the interview but my son refused to enter, so I had no choice but to leave him outsie”, …..

…she left her pink handbag with her son with documents and her son’s birt cert in it..and both the boy and handbag are nowhere to be found…

The boy would’t have gone missing if the mother has a common sense and a sense of responsiblity. I don’t pity the mother but I’m worried of the boy safety. No sane mother would have left a one year old toddler wondering in a busy shopping complex with bus terminal and taxi station next to it for a good 15minutes and somemore left the handbag with the boy. A 15 years old mother???? which meant by 13 already had sex and 14 given birth…. Oh my….what’s the maturity of this young girl…she can’t even care for herself….what more about caring for a young toddler….

I really don’t sympathize with this young girl…all I wanted to say is “Pandan Muka”….

Updates: just in case you have not heard/read/known about the outcome. The girl finally admitted that she has made a false report and she has actually given her baby away so that her mother(the baby’s grandmother) won’t scold her. And guess what, the next day it’s even in the cover page of the newspaper of this girl’s ex-husband with the baby. Hhmmm..think about it, isn’t it a crime that he has commited? I thought it’s consider rape if one has sex with an underage girl?? How come no authority go after him??


13 Responses to Boy Gone Missing

  1. huisia says:

    I feel like the girl purposely to do this since she put the birth cert together with the little boy, what for to bring the birth cert along?

    Neither physical nor mental is not mature yet then already known about set at 13 or even earlier, oh, what a terrible girl.

    But, can put the blame for who? For our education, or her parents, or her ownself?

    I feel very sad as i worrying the little boy..

  2. dragonmummy says:

    I’m not sure come bring birth cert out when doing shopping hor…

    I think it’s very much family upbringing…I think maybe she herself from broken family…kampung and doesnt give a damn about education.

    Just pray for the boy for a safe return…he’s really cute looking …so so adorable.

  3. mybabybay says:

    Same thots as HuiSia. Poor boy!

  4. jesslyn says:

    me no pity the young mother too! Have bb at such young age, dont you think somthing wrong with her?

  5. Agree agree…what the heck was she thinking. I’m doubtful about the truth also, how could she leave her bag with all the docs lying around? Anyway, I do hope the boy is found soon.

  6. Catherine says:

    She got married to her 23 year old boy friend after dropped out from school at the age of 13. They divorced recently and the son is under her care. This is from GuangMing Daily
    Just hope that the boy is safe.

  7. dragonmummy says:

    mybabybay, jesslyn, immomsdaughter

    let’s pray that the boy to be found soon. Besides no pity to the young mother, I’m angry with her action of leaving the boy alone unattended too (unless the news reported was inaccurate)

  8. dragonmummy says:


    thanks for the link. Can’t find it in nanyang /sin chew earlier.
    Sadly when education is so easily available in M’sia, there are still ppl that dropped out so early and ruined their future. What about the boy future when he’s to be raised in this kind of family??

  9. Sasha says:

    If dun wan the cute baby then just give it to someone la.

  10. dragonmummy says:

    chinese paper quoted “she thought got alot of people at the mall, so that it’s safe to leave the boy alone” …what stupid comment. I woulnd’t even dare to leave my kids in the public unattended for one second. Didn’t she know such a chubby cute looking boy can fetch a good price in the “human market” ….bodoh

  11. Angeleyes says:

    aiyoh…I have the same sentiment like all of you. No sane person will bring birth cert out unless planning to do some important stuff… and leave handbag with a baby??? She must be nuts! Can’t she tell the ppl in the shop to help keep an eye on the boy or tell the boss she come another day for the interview without the baby in tow?? What a brainless girl! Just hope that the boy is not kidnapped and send to Thailand to beg….

  12. 1+2mom says:

    pitty the boy..hope got good ppl takecare of him and give back to his mum. I hope that mum learned from this case, if not sure happend again.

  13. dragonmummy says:


    the girl wanted to make up a story but left out the details..

    the story ended…it just the mom making up story….sad case for the mom

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