September 25, 2006

I want to rant…

Each time JS brought back home work like this… I would be a SUPER disastified parent and at the verge of pulling her out from the school immediatelly…. I become very “mang zhang” when guiding her doing this kind of homework that I feel there is something very wrong with her school system.

This is what I’m so unhappy about…getting a four years old to write words in between lines, where the kids eyes-hands cordination is still not perfect. I know many school wouldn’t start this until the 2nd half year of the 5 years class, at 4 years old, the kids only require to write in boxes…but JS’s pre-school has been getting her to do this much earlier…and imagine my girl is not even 4….

This is what she wrote by herself…but I have to point on which line and where she’s suppose to start.

This also she wrote by herself….but with a lot of guiding and pointing on where to start and end and also keep reminding her to write the alphabets closely to each other.

This is way too much for her…so I have to write and let her do the tracing instead.

The result if I let her write by her own…. she insisted…but ended up like the above….so I have to erased it off and get her to redo…

Any expert in early childhood education or kid’s development…please englighten me….if this is what to be expected from a 4 years old to acomplish??? For me I personally feel that it’s too much for the kids to cope. I don’t mind her writing in boxes..but not in between lines which might even strain the kids eye sight….

This is acceptable as it’s writing in big boxes…

Note: when I was doing school hunting. One of the school mentioned that the four years old class will start off with alot of sandpaper play and tearing papers (to strenghten the wrist) before actually gettting the kids to do tracing of lines and curves….