JS Can/Wants To Read

September 26, 2006

OK..this is nothing grand to brat about, just another milestone of JS achieved

She’s reaching the stage that she’s showing interest in reading. She loves her readers and will take the initiative to read the whole book (she’s doing book 4 now)… I would prefer her to go on a slower pace , like one page a day and get to remember the new words well enough before moving on to the next page, but she would insist on reading page after page and she’s not tire of reading the whole book again few times a day.

She gets excited when she spots the words she knows in the newspaper or the books that I’m reading and also her story books. She’s learning to spell and also she will make up words by putting the alphabets together and ask me what words would that be. But she’s still very bad with her phonic that’s why her spelling is still not that good.

She’s also taken an interest in Mandarin well. Started to speak on her own initiative. Last week I took her for the first trial enrichment class in Mandarin, she loves it so much that she’s asking me every night to send her there (I suppose it’s the best way to occupy her time instead of asking me whether she could watch TV all the time when she’s bored and when I’m running out of idea to occupy her)

She’s also taken her own initiative to learn to write Chinese strokes which I don’t have to force her to do.

It’s certainly one encouraging sign to see.



September 26, 2006

Hubby recently filled up a form, under the field “spouse’s occupation” , it’s stated HOUSEWIFE

My feeling upon seeing that….errrr…dont know how to tell…maybe a little lowly, a little self pitied. I prefer being referred to as SAHM, home maker is still acceptable…but HOUSEWIFE….. it’s really a bit turn off to see such title, so unglam, so dull… somehow to me , I have this impression that relates housewife to those uneducated stay home woman in the kampung….

It prompted me so much at that moment that I so wanted to return to workforce so that I can have a better title than a housewife something like  system cordinator/system analyst  or whatever and when asked what company I work in, I no longer have the pride to say XXX MNC.

After 2 years of staying home, though as much as I enjoy my kids, I’m missing some spark in my life.. I’m starting to question what I want to achieve, what I really want, is staying home really something for me? My kids are my priority that I wanted to take charge their education, but what about my own calling?? How can I juggle between them and myself. It’s such a contradicting thought to think about.

If there’s opportunity knocking at the door..shall I accept it??

WH @ 23 Months

September 26, 2006

    WH wanted to go school like Jie Jie

WH turned 23 months old yesterday. One more month to go before he turns 2.

Weight: Not sure, haven’t weight

Height:  Not sure, never measured (such lousy mother)

He’s getting more independent day by day. Most of the time he would play and occupy himself. 

The other day JS was busy asking me what to do and wanted a lot of my attention when I was reading, but the maid caught WH sitting quietly at the corner, throwing out all his tool kits from the tool box, overturned his car and try mending his car. When I looked at him, he gave me a look and said “fixed car” and continue playing by himself.

His favourite phrase now

“I feed”, “I hold”, “I do” . ” I eat”

The other day, JS and me were doing some craft out of recylcle boxes, due to I only have one box, I could only do one craft, but WH was looking with a pitiful look and wanted so much to join in the fun. I search the whole house for another box … while helping him to make the craft, he keep insisting to do it by himself by saying “I stick” , ” I glue”

Other phrases he says:

“wear shoes/socks”

“take out shoe”

“take bag”

“drive car”

“sit chair”

“up bed”

“oh ..no”

“go jie jie’s school”

“where… ?”

“wear hat” (when driving his car, he likes to have a helmet on)

Still fear of people looking weird and odd like the clown or those bikers in black leather outfit and even “Mr Noodle” from Elmo’s world

His favourite name being “bob bob” and “kor kor”, thought he would get over it, but he’s still sticking on to these 2 names unless in nursing time, then he would call himself “baby”

Likes to go around the house, tailing behind me , holding on my shirt and said “choo choo train”

Last weekend during the journey home, he insist on occupying a seat by himself and fall asleep by himself through the hour long journey (all the time he’s sitting on my lap, nursing throughout the journey…yeah yeah…we are one typical malaysian that dont secure our kids in the children car seats)

Always with milder and gentler temper, always “kena” bullied by JS. Sometimes it’s quite a pity to see him calling out for his jie jie and yet get no respond from JS to play with him.

Whenever I’m lecturing JS, WH willlisten quietly and occationaly interrupt by calling “mummy, mummy” in the most sweetest voice and also he would ask “why, mummy”

When I explained something to JS and WH doesn’t understand, he would ask “what mummy”

Whenever we raised a little voice over his mischieves…he would straight away cry. If I raise my voice at him, he would go complaint to the maid ” Mummy, scold” ,  if daddy scolded him, he would come looking for me “Mummy, mummy….daddy scold”

He never seize to make us laugh…looking at his face and smile, I can never be angry with him for long and only makes me want to laugh and giggle. He’s such a funny cheerful boy .

The most obvious development this month is language/speech wise. He can imitate/copy what JS said more though sometimes JS and me still have to guess what he’s saying. Other areas there isn’t much significant differences.

Chinese Song

September 26, 2006

Overheard JS singing this song “两只老虎”




跑away, 跑away”