I have this urge of wanting another baby now..the urge is so strong that I really hope that I can straight away make  one….but the timing is not right yet.

I remember having the same urge of wanting another baby when JS was 8th months old, but due my grandmother and mum’s advise of letting the body a year time to heal before ‘making’ another, I have to withold my plan until JS was past 1 year old. WH was conceived when JS was 14th months old.

Hubby and me plan to have a Piggy baby.. in order to have piggy baby , the earliest possible time to start “production” would be after Jun06, but I’m also hoping for a year end Piggy so that it won’t clash with my exam period in September, (can’t imagine if my due date is around exam period or having to leave a young baby behind so I can concentrate to do revision and to sit for exam) …so “production” can only start in Feb07…..aiyo…I’m so impatient already……5 more months to go…


13 Responses to Wanting…

  1. Sasha says:

    eh do you have the calendar of which month makes what (boy/girl) baby according to your age? Heard its accurate neh.. u want? email me k?

  2. haha……just tahan another 5 more months….very fast one…….

  3. Ha ha, what an honest confession 😀 I once sat for an exam (that I failed earlier on) when I was pregnant and passed. So, dunno it’s my bb’s luck or not.

  4. dragonmummy says:

    the calender ah?? I cross checked mine..both also not accurate…so I wonder if one should follow chinese age, english month , or chinese age, lunar month or engligh age, english month or english age, lunar month… have you cross check yours ??
    yup…patient patient… 5 months very fast over. 🙂
    ok ok..will keep in mind that..hopefully baby will bring me that kind of luck and i will pass with flying colours . 😀

  5. Angeleyes says:

    I’m also pinning for a year end piggy leh! Darrius was conceived in early March 05 (our wedding nite) and was born in end Nov 05 so I hope I can have the same miracle again…. lets pray together… 🙂

  6. jazzmint says:

    wahh got such urge one ah…

  7. dragonmummy says:


    :D, let’s work hard together


    got such urge one…the maternal instint bugging in me . hahahaha

  8. jesslyn says:

    LOL, I have that urge too! Let’s work hard on it ya! 😀

  9. 1+2mom says:

    LOL!! I have to stop and close shop now..cause scare to take care another baby. 3 of them already make my head big liao. Take care and hope you can get one as you plan!!

  10. Sasha says:

    Its suposed to follow chinese age and chinese calendar. I dunno how to read chinese calendar but my fren says mine correct lor.

  11. dragonmummy says:




    3 is quite perfect liao…somemore 2 girl 1 boy..that’s what I’m aiming. LOL


    hhmm..will cross check again…thanks

  12. miche says:

    taking care of 2 is sup sup sui but 3…good luck babe…:D
    am not discouraging u though. 3 time the headache, 3 times the joy 😀

  13. dragonmummy says:


    haha, insight from an experience mum. 😀
    truly understand what you meant…even with 2 already alot of headache, especially during the fighting session, with 3….lagi worst i guess, but like you say 3 times the joy and fun, that’s what it’s all worth while. 😀

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