JS’s The Teacher

Just have to teach the eldest well, and they will take the role to teach their younger sibblings… here’s proof. 😀

Asked her why she didn’t read the book she’s still learning, she said ” my book got too many new words, WH won’t know, I teach him the simple one first.” 😀


7 Responses to JS’s The Teacher

  1. Sasha says:

    Wah! she’s very patient and smart la!

  2. huisia says:

    She even so thoughtful to her brother!

  3. Angeleyes says:

    JS is really a pretty girl lar and a very good one too. So considerate and caring towards her brother. I’m amazed that WH is so patient listening to his jie-jie.

  4. jazzmint says:

    wahh that’s so thoughtful..hmm..I must teach my girl like that also hehe

  5. dragonmummy says:


    smart but also up to alot of mischieve


    only sometimes she’s thoughtful


    thanks thanks. Considerate and caring? hehehe… I’m only showcasing the good side of her. Most of the time she’s screaming, scolding and yelling at WH. Don’t know why suddenly she wants to teach the brother to read without me prompting. 🙂


    Your girl will surely love the didi one 😀

  6. Hijackqueen says:

    How come my 6 & 4 always fight wan!!!1

  7. dragonmummy says:

    haha, because I hide all the fighting and crying clips. They fight more than they are caring and loving each other.

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