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October 31, 2006

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October 30, 2006

Overdue homework from Julian, didn’t even realize it until I was busy catching up with the reading of my feeds…

4 things many don’t know:

  1. Both my ring fingers are severly crooked… dont know’s just “deformed” that way.
  2. I’m an impatient driver.
  3. I didn’t complete my BSc in Perth, I came back and did some other course.
  4. I cannot accept critism

4 movies I could watch over and over

  1. The Sound of Music
  2. Disney Cinderella
  3. 玻璃之城 (City of Glass by Leon Lai)
  4. 大城小事 (Leaving Me, Loving You by Leon Lai and Faye Wong)

4 places I have lived

  1. Teluk Intan, Perak
  2. Perth, Australia
  3. Klang Valley (SS15 –> Sunway –> Seksyen 10, PJ –> SS12 –> Puchong–> Seksyen 17, PJ)
  4. Senawang, Negri Sembilan

4 tv shows I loved

  1. American Top Model
  2. Beverly Hills (long long time ago TV series)
  3. Chinese TV series
  4. Can’t think of anymore…me not TV addict

4 places I have been for vacation

  1. Korea
  2. China
  3. Thailand
  4. Singapore

4 of my favorite food

  1. Cheese Cake
  2. Ice cream
  3. Chocolates
  4. Noodles dish

4 places I rather be now

  1. In bed…really sleep deprived!!
  2. Some beach resort
  3. Anywhere together with hubby and kids and far away from the in-laws
  4. Can’t think of any at this moment

4 favorite songs

  1. Emil Chow’s song
  2. Guang Liang’s song
  3. Richard Clayderman piano pieces
  4. Mirai by Kiroro (japanese song)

Not tagging anyone…


October 28, 2006

My adjacent neighbour’s house is vacant. For 2 years we’ve stayed here, we have hardly seen the owner. Especially for the first year we were here, we never seen the owner at all. This 2nd year is slightly betterm he would turned up like once in sixth month to clean the weeds (maybe got complaint from the authority after the dengue incident in this taman) and each time he came, he just clear the weeds in the front and side compound and not doing anything to the back yard. The weeds at the garden compound is as tall as a adult human.  So many times I have to get my maid to go over (sometimes even climbing over the fence) to clear the weeds near our house (scared of creepy crawler invading our house and put the kids in danger)

Today he has finally decided to get someone to really clear out all the weeds. But before he does that he never informed us, eventhough he saw that we have full loads of laundry hanging on the fence to dry. (At least have the courtesy to tell us … the grass will surely “FLY” up and stick on the laundry)

OK..nevermind about that , I manage to get my maid to move the laundry to dry somewhere else before he even started to cut the grass. But what makes me really angry is that after the cutting of the grass, instead packing it up and throw it in the thrash, he started burning the cut grass. Not just one spot, but TWO. One at the back of the house and one infront. Hey…. the haze is just over and we finally get to see blue sky and breath fresh air, but this incosiderate idiot started the fire and trying to choke us to death.  Due to the wind direction, the smoke comes choking into our house. Before I manage to get into the room, I have already inhale enough of smoke to make me choke and coughed. And not to mention all the cleaned cloths hanging outside to dry, all is stain with smokey smell (The maid have to re-wash all the laundry..damn)

The only thing I can do is quickly ushered the kids back to the master bedroom and put on the air con. I dont know why these people has got no brain. Open burning is hazardous!!!  (by the way , what’s the number that I can dial to complaint??)

People in this small town really have this kind of small mentality. Everywhere i can see open burning.  How can they stand the smokey smell which is so suffocating?

While we were hiding in the room, my opposite neighbour insisting of coming in to play.  (Got the maid to tell them that we have to hide in the room due to the smoke, but still they insist of coming in.) The kids and me remain in the room while my maid entertained my neighbour. Still no sign of them leaving despite us not coming out from the room, so I ended up “invited” them (the girl and her grandmother) into the room. 😦

The 2 gals played blocks, colouring and I have to entertained aunty by chatting with her. Then the girls started fighting over JS’s mini education computer.

 Before the fight, both very “good friend” shared the same colouring book.

To distract them, i have to get them out of the room and let them do something else. Art & Craft safe them from quarrelling.

 Good friend again.

 JS’s made this butterfly.

The aunty even brought over the girl lunch to feed her at our place and they didn’t leave until 2pm. (Each time when the girls visited each other, they refuse to go home and I’m very reluctant to let JS go over to their house, i realize each time she got back from the neighbour’s place she would cough none stop ..maybe due to some allergic reaction)

WH’s 2!!

October 28, 2006

  Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday, My Sunshine!

WH turned 2 three days ago. No kiddy party, no big celebration for him. Just a very simple family gathering. Since there isnt any other kids in this family (beside JS) and we dont have any close friends with kids of JS & WH’s age, a party is certainly unnecessary.

We celebrated quietly 1 day ahead as we have to come back to our home on his birthday.

It was a very low profile celebration mainly because WH is a very simple boy to please, he can’t really speak of what he wants yet and I dont think he understand the meaning of birthday yet. ( I do feel a little guilty for not planning anything special for him especially when I compared JS’s 2nd birthday with his. By 2 JS already knew how to request for what she wants including of what type of cake – she requested for Barney! )

Many times I asked him “Your birthday’s coming, do you want cake?”

WH: “ng….”

ME: “what type of cake do you want?”

WH: “Cake”

(unrelated: JS’s 2nd birthday)

We know he likes car, so a 2 weeks earlier we already shopped for one for him from Toys’Rus which he’s played with. (Dont have the fun of unwrapping present on the special day…poor boy).  SIL#2 also bought him some new cloths and our maid bought another toy car for WH with her Duit Raya.

24/10 we had family dinner at the vegetarian restaurant in PJ (since MIL is on a strict vegetarian diet for 9 full days). We invited my parents along too.

After dinner we headed back to SIL’s house for the cake cutting ceremony. 😀

Though no heap of presents , but he’s loaded with Ang Pow (we still do it the very Chinese way!)

There goes a very simple birthday celebration for my boy.

Deepavali & Raya Holiday

October 28, 2006

A little record on what we did during our holiday break.

We spent our break at the in-laws back in Klang Valley and got back home on Wednesday afternoon. Hubby was back to work on Thursday.

Our holiday was mainly a family affair and we didn’t plan any get away this time. The kids particulary enjoy the presence of their daddy and they had great time to get close with daddy. It’s heart warming to see the kids spending so much quality time with their daddy and I believe they do treasure this very rare precious moment.


Though it was Deepavali, the production line at hubby’s office was still running so hubby gone back to the office a few hour in the morning for work.

Packed and started our journey back to KL in the afternoon. Had dinner with the in-laws in one of the Chinese Restaurant in PJ State. MIL would start a 9 day plain vegetarian meal on Sunday in conjunction with the Chinese 9 Goddess (jiu wang ye tan 九王爷诞) celebaration.


Hubby sent his parents to Ampang to one of the temple for prayer while we “lepak” at SIL’s place.

Spent the afternoon and dinner with my parents.


Decided not to follow SILs to KLCC for shopping. Didn’t have any solid plan. Initially thought of taking a ride to the site of our new house, but later decided on an impromptu trip up to Genting. I had mentioned to hubby earlier that WH has never been up there but JS has been there a few times, that’s how hubby made up his mind to go up hill “for some fresh air”.

Invited PIL along. Started our journey at about 10am. Reached Genting at 11.30am. First stop was at the temple in Genting. Later went downhill to Gotong Jaya for lunch.

We were too quick to mention about the cable car ride uphill to JS and she was very excited about it and nothing can changed the plan if we have already mentioned to her. After lunch we proceeded to the cable car station. While hubby was parking the car, FIL was too quick to buy the tickets. From the cab driver there, we knew if we were to drive up hill, it was impossible to find a parking and also he mentioned about long queue for the cable car ride. (That time we didnt know). After hubby came to find us, up we went to queue for the ride, we were shock to see the line. It was such a long queue with tourist (Bad day, bad choice!!)

We queued for almost 1 hour plus before we even manage to go near the platform. The 2 poor old folks were so worn out by then since they have weak knees. The kids were also very tired.

Of course our patient already wearing thin. At this moment, some “SUA TU SEI PAT POH”  who talk in very loud voice and  dont know from which kampung, with some sort of Genting Silver Worldcard walk through the VIP passage (which meant JUMP QUEUE la!) We were still quite ok with that since they are those “HANTU JUDI”, we thought they will join the queue from then, (from the VIP passage with will link to the normal queue, which mean they still suppose to queue to wait for their turn to board the cable car) At that time we were quite near to the platform already. What happened was these “SEI PAT POT” so KIASU and wanted so much to donate money to Lim Goh Tong just pushed me from behind and try to squeeze through between the bar and me to go to the front of the queue. Such idiot! At that time I was carrying a very grumpy JS, I started to yell and scolded them from pushing me and without even saying “excuse me”. Wah lau…these “SEI PAT POH” never apologize and think they were right from the beginning started to scold me back. #@#!$$%&%* They said I was wrong for purposely blocking their way. Of course the yelling game began. I wanted so much to curse and scold them more but hubby and FIL pulled me aside. They went 2 cable cars ahead of us. To think back now , I still feel so heated to be bullied by these BITCHES. I hope they POKKAI alot that day.

Up the hill we went, and everyone were too tired to do anymore walking and sight seeing, morever the crowd just make it impossible to go anywhere. i suppose if we were to go to the theme park, we wont get to enjoy. So what we did was walk to the nearest pastry shop and had tea. After tea, we decided we have enough of Genting and decided to call it off for the day.

All we did for this impromptu trip was to get ourself so worn off, stuck in the queue , ended up in a quarrel with some bloody bitches and have an expensive tea. 

By the time we reached KL was around 5.30pm. Detoured to Section 17 to do dinner reservation at one of the vegetarian restaurant for next day dinner. By the time we reached SIL’s place after sending PIL back was already 6.30pm. Spending most of the time of the day in the car and at the very back passenger seat really make me feel lethargic..maybe due to the bumpiness in the car and lack of oxsigen.


Shopping day.

We had plan to go Ikea and have lunch there with one of hubby’s friend who will be going to Canada soon. We have some shopping to do as well.

Had lunch at Ikano and then went to the curve to get our shopping , unfortunately we cant get the things we wanted. Decided to go 1U after some window shopping at Ikea.

Ikea was also very crowded which made window shopping unenjoyable. (We were quite excited about our dream house, that’s why we go Ikea to collect some ideas… even JS was also very excited, already requesting us to paint her room in pink and white and she requested a few things to put in her room)

Went to 1U after that. Wanted to buy a cake for WH from Bakerzin, but they were closed. We ended up with a Black Florest from Bread Story. Bought some candies for this coming Saturday Halloween. One of the resident at SIL’s neighbourhood had organized this event for the kids in the neighbourhood to go around houses to “trick a treat”.

While walking to our car after shopping, we witnessed another “Ugly Malaysian Attitude” . 2 women fighting for our car park. There are people in this world that is really so selfish and only think about their own convinient. Car1 already put signal to park at our lot and waited for us to leave for some time, and Car 2 coming out of no where behind us, despite seeing Car1 waited there, still insist to take our lot and trying to block car1 hoping to get in the parking lot first. I gave Car2 a wicked stare and Car1 woman came down to talk to Car2 (can’t hear what they said, we were already in the car)

Reached home about 6pm. Busy helping SIL packed the candies. Last year we just put everything in the basket and got JS to distribute to the kids, but the kids didn’t really queue and they snatched. Some got more, some didn’t get, some wanted to choose a particular flavour so ended up with a few dissapointed kids. This year we tied these candies in little packets , so they dont get to choose. (SIL#2 always very generous with treats! :D)

 Last year halloween at SIL’s place. JS’s distributing candies to the children in the neighbourhood.

Night was WH’s birthday celebration. (we celebrated a day earlier)


WH’s 2nd birthday. Spent the morning with in laws at home. We headed back to our own home after lunch.

Baked Honey Chicken

October 22, 2006

Another of the kids favourite…


  • 2 chicken thighs, chopped
  • 1 tbsp abalone sauce
  • pepper and salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp sesame oil


  1. Marinate chopped chicken with abalone sauce, pepper and salt for at least 1 hour
  2. Preheat oven to 200C
  3. Put chicken in preheat over and bake till golden brown
  4. Rub honey and sesame oil over chicken. Serve

No pictures taken….too hungry ….kids loves the chicken skin which is sweet and crispy.

Kuih Lapis 九层糕

October 21, 2006

First time trying to make this nyonya kuih, only managed to make six layers instead of nine.


  • 50g rice flour
  • 50g tapioca flour
  • 25g green beans flour
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 450ml coconut milk
  • pink food colouring


  1. MIx and sieve ingredients. Divide into 2 portions. Add pink food colouring into one portion
  2. Steam a tray in a wok. Pour in one thin plain batter and steam for about 3 minutes. Pour in another layer of pink batter. Steam for another 3 minutes. Repeat until batter is used up