Who Say Pre-schooler Need To Attend Art Class??

November 24, 2006

Ok ok…last post for today… till I come back 2 weeks later.

Early childhood educations and enrichment classes is a lucrative business nowadays. There is this demand by the parents in the market to enrich these next generation, either they are too busy to spent the time with their kids or they lack the patient.  These classes including art class. Art school for kids are mushrooming everywhere. They accept children as young as 3, as long as the kids can grip the pencil firmly. (JS actually requested to go for those classes after seeing all the colourings pasted on the wall of a art school…but sorry…NOPE!)

These art schools that accepted kids as young as 3 are actually merely teaching them how to colour and mix colour (配色). It’s more of a colouring class then teaching a young kid how to draw. 

I personally feel that colouring class for pre-schooler is unnecessary. Why give them a rigid set of standard of what is nice to the adult’s eyes instead of letting them explore and experience with colours.  A kid’s own drawing and colouring reflected very much of how she visualises the world and surrounding. It also shows the kid’s creativity.

Look around at those kids colouring competitions. Those who have won attended colouring classes, the end result is so much adult like. The colouring of the kids is not longer been judge if it’s in the line, it’s neat but instead of how they mix the colours.  Many of these kids have been given guide by their teachers and practises over and over again at home before the competition. The end result is the outcome of endless practises and no longer coming out naturally from the kids. The end result of the colouring and drawing does not reflect the childishes and kids true self anymore.  (失去了童真)

JS’s done these colouring all by herself without my supervision. I wasn’t even sitting beside her when she did this. These were the true colours of things and the world in the kids eyes. To them, the more colours the merrier and to them it’s nice. I believe if the colouring teacher in the art school sees these, the teacher would have alot to correct her on the shadings , using of colours etc etc and I believe she can’t even make it to the top 50 if these were sent to the colouring contest…. to me this is already good enough. Unless one day she decided for herself to become a professional artist/painter or graphic designer and enrol in art college, in the meantime, I rather keep the money for better use.


Birthday Celebration

November 24, 2006

This was how I celebrated my 30th birthday.

Hubby pretended to have forgotten but quietly brought in this cake that he hide in the car after dinner. 😀

 I’m only 3… not 30 . LOL (3 candles only!! )

Thank you everyone for the well wishes by leaving wishes in my blog’s comment to the sms-es that i’ve received, emails and also through MSN. Thank you , thank you.

Greeting Cards

November 24, 2006

When I was younger (during primary school days) I enjoyed making greeting cards. Every year I would make birthday card for my mum and grandmother and also christmas card for my pen-pals. That’s the only greetings that I can think of as for a kampung girl without much pocket money, there wasn’t much that i could get.

Each time I presented the home made greeting card to my maternal grandma and my mum, I feel very proud of myself on the effort and thought that I’ve put in it. That was also a way to show that I care.

Sadly I have given up making greeting cards for a long time.

JS is into art and craft now, and I’m getting her to revive this hobby.  Home made greeting cards is so full of personal touch and in today’s electronic advances, many young generation has lost the feel for this.

JS and WH did this for MIL’s birthday. I helped, but both kids enjoy the process of making it.


November 24, 2006

The lack of posting in my blog this week, the lack of appearing online this week, all because….

… busy packing

… busy rushing off 2 assignments to be handed in next week

… busy compiling a video slide show for my MIL’s birthday.

… busy cathching up with other assignments writing which I realize is a little behind schedule

… busy researching and reading up for resource to write up those essays

… busy dont know with what somemore..

All these because of poor time management and my last minute attitude.  😛

Will only catch up with the writing when I’m back and hopefully able to steal sometime to update what I learn next week using my bro’s laptop.

I’ll Be On A Two Weeks Blog Break!

Wood Annivesary

November 24, 2006

Five years ago, this day, I tied the knot with the love of my life.

5 years down the road , we have 2 kids and have gone through many ups and downs. I’m very grateful to have met this man of mine.


Already 30!!

November 22, 2006


Yup…30 , no more “change”… no more in my twenties, though I feel like just fresh out from school/college. It’s so unbelievable… ME 30??

No celebration today though. But I like to thank my mum on this special day. Without her, there’s is definately no ME.

Instead of saying “happy birthday” to myself, I want to say


ps: mum just sms-ed me to wish me “happy birthday” 😀

Looking Forward & My Sticky Glue

November 20, 2006

Next week, the 11 days workshop for my course will commence. I’m so looking foward to attend, so much anticipation on the knowledge that I will gain on the hands on workshop.

I’ve started to pack the things for bringing to my parent’s place this coming weekend. Will be staying with my parents while I attend the workshop. Mum and the maid will look after the kids for me, dad and bro will also be around to entertain them. ( A little worried now how mum and the maid will cope with the little ones when I’m away, haven’t left them behind for so long hour before, almost full days from 9am  – 10pm for 6 days and  9am – 5pm for 4 days)

While I was busy packing last night, JS came to me and cried “mummy, dont go to school”. (That’s what I’ve told the kids that I’m going back to school for 2 weeks, that’s why we going to stay with Poh Poh). She kept saying that and with big tears rolling down her eyes. After she stopped crying and when she was playing at the corner, I still can hear her mumbling “mummy, dont go to school. I dont want mummy go to school. I’m so sad. Want mummy stay home. Mummy stay home, I happy. Mummy canno go school, I’m sad” There wasn’t much reaction from WH yet, but sometimes he will also cry very little saying “mummy, dont go skool” Meantime as long as he can still feel my presence, he doesn’t kick up the big fuss… but i really dont know how he will react next week onwards when I’m not around.

My heart broke the moment I saw the tears rolling down from her eyes but at the same time also I feel a little annoyed on how demanding she’s on me. I’ve no choice, I really have to go and I never deny how much I’m looking forward to it and how much I wanted to do it, but at the same time I have this feeling of  “am I such a bad lousy mum to leave behind the kids when they still like a “sticky glue” to me? when JS’s pleaded me to stay home?” at the same time I’m also have the calling in my heart telling me that it’s time to train them to be a little independent and less dependent on me.

JS is real super glue to me until I feel suffocated sometimes and that she’s over demanding and very unreasonable. Yesterday when we went out shopping, SIL and MIL was sitting at the back passenger seat and it was the first time I sat at the front passenger seat when the kids were in the car at the back with their aunty and grandma. JS cried the from the moment we left the house until we reached the destiny just for me to go sit behind with her. Though we were in the same car, but as long as we are not sitting together is not good enough for her, same thing when sleeping, though we are in the same room, she insist on me sleeping on the same bed with her than only she feel secure.

Attachment is good, but sometimes I just feel drained when they over demand on me…of course hubby always think it’s my fault of bringing them up to be so demanding and overly dependent on me.