I Still Feel Damn Blardy Pissed

Yes…that’s how I’m feeling now….. how come it take so long for the support to get back to me… at least give me access to my site. I have been sitting in front of the PC , refreshing the screen , hoping to see some lights and solution , but there is NOTHING … NOTHING…. makes me want to curse and curse …. and I’m so tension now sitting in front of the pc and can’t do much.

I don’t and never expect this to happen by hosting my site on my own domain…..I’m not ready for this and it really makes me furious with the speed of support. ERGGHHHG… really in a killer mood.


6 Responses to I Still Feel Damn Blardy Pissed

  1. shoppingmum says:

    OK OK , i hear your rant liao……..Bryan no reply?

    Bryan took a while to get it fixed. 😦

  2. Julian says:

    Sorry but I think it would be wise to change host. And when you change host, you should be dealing with the HOST PROVIDER directly and not through 3rd party.

    I’m in the process of changing host…though I will loose a little $$$, because it’s still a long time more before the one year term ends.

  3. mumsgather says:

    Oh dear. I can see that you’re really upset. I hope this doesn’t happen to me. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well. So fast 12 weeks already!

    Time flies. Now already way pass week 13 and heading into week 14 already. 🙂 Yes, I was upset, but I also took time off for a vacation, so I feel better and refresh that I’m back now with a better PR and the site is UP. 😀

  4. cookie says:

    Hi there,

    I have not been visiting you since my bb was born. I am back now!!
    Relax, cool down………I hope your problem has been solved by now! Hehehe……
    Anyway, congratulations on your pregnancy! May you have a smooth and happy pregnancy!

    Oh ya, I have ‘shifted’ to wordpress from blogger already. Hope you can drop by if you are free! 🙂

  5. *knock-knock* feel better today? 🙂 cheers…

  6. mom2Huda says:

    Hi! I’m Ina… I really enjoy reading you blog even I am a bit late spots your blog anyway, yours give me a lot of info. I feel happy to be Malaysian.. Why?… Because we are have many races and I really likes to know u, be varieties… ha!…ha!..ha!…

    Hello Ina, thanks for dropping by…the first post to greet you in this blog is all the cursing words..sorry yeah… :P. This blog has been idled for a while. Hop on to the new blog http://www.montessorimum.com, more frequent updates…but have to bear with the ads too la…:)

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