Site Down Again

Can you believe this???  My site is down again without any warning. Bugger….what’s is wrong with this web host!!!  I can’t finish my task, and I have post not being approved by advertiser… if they cannot access my site… I’m going to loose money again. Damn…  Really have to change host before my term with him expired.

And my host reply this :

The server is suspected to get attacked and it’s now suspending account one by one to investigate the incident.
Your website will be unsuspended very soon as the investigation will take maximum a few hours.

I really feel like crying… why is this happening to me again. Damn…. another day loosing my money. Don’t know how long it takes for the site to be up. 😦



6 Responses to Site Down Again

  1. Julian says:

    I dont understand why they need to suspend to investigate?

  2. wen says:

    how about getting ur own domain…

    I have my own domain. 2 in fact and 2 more subdomain. I haven’t been visiting this site for a while. Here’s a backup place for the blogaholic me to rant just in case when my domain gone down like what I experienced before. 😀

  3. Oh~~~ so cham…
    Mayb u should change ur web hosting?

  4. FamilyFirst says:

    Well at least all of you got chance to do paid post cos for me so far, not even a single chance .. so sad ler… anyway to help me cos I dont know how to achieve PG1 … now still big fat zero.

  5. Oh~ Feels frustrated ya.. when the site is down..

  6. joomla cms SEO Marketing Webagentur schweiz…

    […]Site Down Again « Clumsy Wife, Careless Mum[…]…

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