Where To Buy Wikki Stix In Malaysia

August 19, 2012

Yeah! Wikki Stix has finally landed in Malaysia. We are proud to announce that you can now buy Wikki stix from montessorimum.

Our shopping cart is not quite ready yet, but you can start bookmark our site http://www.wikkistixmalaysia.com

And also don’t forget to visit our fan page – Wikki Stix MY in Facebook. We have listed out the product we currently have in hand, and you can do a manual order by dropping me a mail, leaving your comments in our fan page or pm me in my fb.

Don’t miss the deal, we are currently having a 15% off in conjunction with our launch/Hari Raya/School holiday. Offer valida until 26/8/2012

What is Wikki Stix?

More Fun than a Toy…More Creative than a Craft!
The Really Cool Tool for Teaching School!

What are Wikki Stix made of?
Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax, the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They do not contain latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts which makes them an ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.

How do they work?
Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down with light fingertip pressure and they will adhere to almost any smooth surface. They are also easy to peel up and reposition so “mistakes” virtually disappear, which helps build self-confidence. There is no preparation, no clean-up, no mess. Press ‘em down, peel ‘em off… it’s that simple!

A few more details
Wikki Stix do not break or tear apart, but cut easily with scissors. Wikki Stix conform to all U.S. Consumer Safety Standards including ASTM D-4236 and F-963, as well as the European Standard BS5665/EN71.

A few more details
Wikki Stix appeal equally to boys and girls, and span a wide range of ages, from 3 to 103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others. They help enhance learning through hands-on kinesthetic involvement. They stimulate the imagination and creativity in everyone! And.. there is no right or wrong way to play!

Wikki Stix are proudly Made in the USA!


More Xmas Craft

December 26, 2006

The last batch of crafts we did before we headed home on Saturday afternoon.

Xmas Craft

December 22, 2006

Some Xmas crafts that JS had done yesterday.  It doesn’t really look like a small girl’s work, because I’m the one who prepared the materials and drew the outline. All that she does was to cut and paste and decorate with my supervision and some suggestion when nessesary.  The fun thing to her is to get to work and at the same time having mummy spending time with her.

 Paper plate angel.

  Toilet paper roll angel.

  Xmas tree made of gloss paper and recycle cardboard

 Proud with her work

Source of craft ideas from here and here

Suppose to make more crafts so that each of the family member will get something on Xmas day, and also need to make another birthday card for SIL 2, unfortunately I haven’t really got the time today. Hopefully tomorrow morning we can do another batch before we head home for the holiday.

Paper Tearing

December 20, 2006

It has never occured to me that such simple activity can be a fun activity for kids. For a kid to tear a paper into unison size strips isn’t an easy task as one think. (And if you lift up a sheet of paper horizontly , one wont be able to even tear it into strips)

Recently we have done this activity at home.  WH wasn’t really insterested ( I suppose he’s not ready) , JS initially found it hard and said “mummy, cannot la… I don’t know how” but after a few tries and practice on sheets of paper, she managed.  The fun part to her was not much of the tearing, but the later sorting and glueing part. She loves playing with glues, sticking things,  the activity seems challenging to her on the part that she needs to arrange back the strip of papers. The aim of this activity is merely to strenghten the wrist muscles.

 An example that I’ve shown JS. Just tear any page from the old magazine ( I think pages with pictures of kids, cartoon and scenary will be more appealing to the kids)

 JS’s work.

Who Say Pre-schooler Need To Attend Art Class??

November 24, 2006

Ok ok…last post for today… till I come back 2 weeks later.

Early childhood educations and enrichment classes is a lucrative business nowadays. There is this demand by the parents in the market to enrich these next generation, either they are too busy to spent the time with their kids or they lack the patient.  These classes including art class. Art school for kids are mushrooming everywhere. They accept children as young as 3, as long as the kids can grip the pencil firmly. (JS actually requested to go for those classes after seeing all the colourings pasted on the wall of a art school…but sorry…NOPE!)

These art schools that accepted kids as young as 3 are actually merely teaching them how to colour and mix colour (配色). It’s more of a colouring class then teaching a young kid how to draw. 

I personally feel that colouring class for pre-schooler is unnecessary. Why give them a rigid set of standard of what is nice to the adult’s eyes instead of letting them explore and experience with colours.  A kid’s own drawing and colouring reflected very much of how she visualises the world and surrounding. It also shows the kid’s creativity.

Look around at those kids colouring competitions. Those who have won attended colouring classes, the end result is so much adult like. The colouring of the kids is not longer been judge if it’s in the line, it’s neat but instead of how they mix the colours.  Many of these kids have been given guide by their teachers and practises over and over again at home before the competition. The end result is the outcome of endless practises and no longer coming out naturally from the kids. The end result of the colouring and drawing does not reflect the childishes and kids true self anymore.  (失去了童真)

JS’s done these colouring all by herself without my supervision. I wasn’t even sitting beside her when she did this. These were the true colours of things and the world in the kids eyes. To them, the more colours the merrier and to them it’s nice. I believe if the colouring teacher in the art school sees these, the teacher would have alot to correct her on the shadings , using of colours etc etc and I believe she can’t even make it to the top 50 if these were sent to the colouring contest…. to me this is already good enough. Unless one day she decided for herself to become a professional artist/painter or graphic designer and enrol in art college, in the meantime, I rather keep the money for better use.

Greeting Cards

November 24, 2006

When I was younger (during primary school days) I enjoyed making greeting cards. Every year I would make birthday card for my mum and grandmother and also christmas card for my pen-pals. That’s the only greetings that I can think of as for a kampung girl without much pocket money, there wasn’t much that i could get.

Each time I presented the home made greeting card to my maternal grandma and my mum, I feel very proud of myself on the effort and thought that I’ve put in it. That was also a way to show that I care.

Sadly I have given up making greeting cards for a long time.

JS is into art and craft now, and I’m getting her to revive this hobby.  Home made greeting cards is so full of personal touch and in today’s electronic advances, many young generation has lost the feel for this.

JS and WH did this for MIL’s birthday. I helped, but both kids enjoy the process of making it.

More Arts & Crafts

October 5, 2006

More of the arts and activities the kids and me did.

 idea from this mummy‘s blog

 WH did this with the help of mummy and jiejie

This one copy cat from MG‘s blog. This kiasu mum couldn’t resist the brilliant idea from MG and quickly let the kids try the fun. (thanks MG for sharing this in your blog 😀 )