It Has Been A While…

April 27, 2007

It has been a while sinceI posted any blog post here. Yesterday I return to this old abandoned home just because I was so frustrated and needed a rant.

My blog hosted in my own domain is so congested with rubbish…..after months of blogging there and now I return to this ad free site… it’s such a refreshing experience. It’s as if there’s more room to breath not like, you see ads on top, at the site, inside blog posts and almost every single available space ….even the blog posts has been slotted with reviews which is unrelated to parenting, unrelated to my kids…

Yes…it’s good to be bad here….because after I have worked so hard on the new site… it still rank PR0. There isn’t much back link here and I still maintain it as a 5. It’s strange. 

I think I will still come back here on and off …because no matter how hard I work on the new site, the PR does not improve and I don’t think it should be a matter if this site stole some limelight from

I will still blog more in because it’s my sole income source. What to do….seeing all the USD already make me so money minded.


Site Still Down

April 27, 2007

My site has been down for almost 2 days now. You know how frustrated I feel not able to blog. Ok..that’s not the main problem I get frustrated, at least I can still come here and rant. The most important thing is that I have so many paid posts got rejected. 5 posts from BlogToprofit due yesterday and I am not able to submit in my task, 1 post from Blogitive got rejected and 4 from Smorty also got rejected. And you know how many chances that I have to let go of PPP opps, simply because I could not do anything. How frustrated to lost all the money, especially those I have completed but not able to submit or been reject.

My mood is foul. I raised my voice at my kids and maid the whole day yesterday. I just hate it so much.

I’m thinking of changing host, don’t I’m just into the 4th month with my current host and it’s still a long way before it comes to the one year term end. I’m not sure if it’s a nice thing to do to just change host like that. My mistake of not surveying more host provider before I submitted to this current one. It seems like Exabytes has a better package overall, more storage, more bandwidth.

By the way , I don’t know how my blog could have exceeded bandwidth. It’s just a NO RANKING, low traffic blog, and I don’t host pictures and video on the server but hosting it somewhere else.

And now my blog has been suspended by the service provider simply because it says that my site has run a script that exceeded the permitted server processor usage per day. OK…what the heck is that… I have a few plugins and only some ads banner at the site….I just don’t know how this could happen. This is all so frustrating and yes my mood still has not improved….. it says that the blog will be suspended for a day…and now it’s already Friday morning…and yet I still cannot access my blog. This is such a stupid host server company (not the middle man that I deal with though).

You think I should change host?

The Unveiling of

January 10, 2007

It has been 2 weeks since I got my domain and I have been working on it for almost a week, since the link was and is stil so slow, that’s why I took so long to work on it.

I really cant wait anymore, as I have not much posting here since last week. Here come’s the opening ceremony of my new blog. There are still some final details that I’m looking into and I guess it still isn’t that stable (maybe because the link is slow???) , anyway here is it … my new blog hosted in my own domain…


My old posts will still be remained here while I figure out a way to export it to my own domain.


January 3, 2007

Just realize on the 29th Dec 2006, my blog was ranked 94th on the blog of the day for

Ha..didn’t think I can even make it into the 100th. Motivate me to blog more….but mean time will still concentrate blogging here…till the link is up and the speed of accessing the net is back to normal… I will move my direction to my own domain which I’ve decided to temporary abadone it at the moment…as no point wasting time working on it and get frustrated each time I try.

No Title

January 2, 2007

No mood to blog… there are a few posts that I wanted to blog about but I thought I wanted to blog in my new site… but I cant even access my own domain…extremely frustrated and I cannot upload pluggins…just couldn’t get connected to the host server through FTP. It’s getting into my nerves…..

Dont think I even can upload photos into photobucket….. how to blog like that….really sucker!! HATE THIS SO MUCH….what a bad start for the new year……

Geram Geram

January 2, 2007

I have registered for a new domain for almost a week already. I thought I can start working on there…but heck…until now i still can’t get much of it done. Cant even post my first post there….Yeeee…so geram.

Really a wrong timing to get it done and it doesn’t seem to be a good start for a new year for me. I hate the slow access ….. I know many people suffered due to the earthquake, people facing more problem than I do for not able to access to the net….but without it , it’s also getting into my nerves….. Hell…I want to work on my own domain… I want to set up my “new home”…. what I have done to my new home is 0%…. sucks


December 29, 2006

The internet is extremely slow to a crawl today, it’s even worst than yesterday. Frustrated when I want to try check out on all the $$$ making sites.  Can’t seems to be able to do a thing on the net. Worst still can’t even write my first post in my new site. *sucks!!*

Give up!