Handsome Actors

July 15, 2006

A boring Saturday afternoon, eat finished nothing do to, missing hubby. Surf for some “leng jai” pixies to curb my loniness…..Ooh…they are so handsome…. 

Eventhough Kpop, Kdrama is a hit now, and Jpop and Jdrama fever already cooling down, I still prefer these handsome japanese men. There’re none Korean actor that I find handsome.

Takuya Kimura 木村拓哉

Takenouchi Yutaka 竹野內丰

Sorimachi Takashi 反町隆史


Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武

Handsome English actors …no, not Brat Pitt or Tom Cruise. I got different taste……

Richard Gere

Bruce Willis. I actually find my ex-boss has a little assemblance of him, maybe that’s why I got a crush on my boss. :p

Dean Cain (The most handsome Superman)


Jdrama – Beautiful Life (美丽人生)

July 15, 2006

My favourite drama. I can watch it over and over again and still weep at the lovey dovey scenes. It touched me so deeply and I love it so much. 🙂 And Takuya is so handsome.

Love the theme song by B’z “Konya tsuki no mieru oka ni” Midi here.

Winnie The Pooh Live KL

June 29, 2006

Pooh Bear Live will be in town today onwards. Hubby called to say there are 2 complimentary tickets for tonight show. Not able to change to weekend show (Hey, people give you complementary still want to request to change to weekend show meh?!) Unfortunately, we can’t make it back to KL on time. He’s going to give it away to his friend who went to Cartoonival with us. Dissapointed and I know if JS knew, she would be dissapointed too. She saw the ad on TV and has wanted to go so much.

That’s one BAD thing about not staying in the city. We missed Barney and now we going to give up on Pooh Bear too. (Not only the JS likes Pooh Bear, I like this cute little bear too! ;D )

It’s Over..

June 22, 2006

It’s over… it’s over, thank goodness, finally it’s over. I’ve just collected the last 2 cars from McD for my son’s sake (Not to say he knows anything about it yet!) No more Happy Meal for me, no more McEgg Muffin every Thursday morning. No more reminding myself of Thursday coming, need to get the toys. I actually don’t like fast food except A&W Conney Dog. Just because of this collectibles, I have to visit McD so often. You see, I’m so “kiasu”, I will go get the collectible on Thursday morning afraid they might run out of stock. (The new toys are release every Thursday at McD) I don’t know about in KL or other big cities, but I’m lucky that in Senawang, it’s not that crazy till that they will run out of stock within a day. I remember in year 1999, when I collected the many pairs of little bear set, it was really frenzy crazy. I queue at Amcorp McD before they were opened, and has been pushed around, stepped at by some ah soh just to rush for the final pair of the collection. Real crazy. Besides the bears that I have a complete set, Cars is another. I tried to avoid been caught in the collection fever, rushing and fighting with everyone.

Ok…..this is for WH, I’ve got the 2 posters as well

Got the Cars after I drop JS at school. WH was the first to see what I’ve got. He has choosen LUIGI for himself, and he took FLO to me and said “Jie jie” , meaning that’s for JS. How thoughtful he is. I know for sure if JS is around, she would have taken the 2 newly bought Cars and get the brother to play with the older one.

TV Programmes That My Kids Watch

June 15, 2006

I was quite against the idea of letting my kids watch TV starting at the very young age (my mum’s influence), but really, these days we cannot get rid of this idiot box. I even gave in SIL#1 pestering and subsequently hubby’s and subsribed to ASTRO Kids package after Playhouse Disney Channel was on aired. (I don’t let the kids watch the other channel in the kids package – ie. Nickalodeon, Cartoon Network, their viewing on this package is restricted to Playhouse Disney only) I actually found all the programmes in Playhouse Disney Channel very educational and sometimes I find it hard to decide which hour to let them watch the TV because each programme seems so interesting. But again, I have to set rules and limitation, else they would be glueing in front of the TV 24 hours a day (Maximum 2 hours a day). I try to sit with my kids when they watch TV as much as possible so to answer JS’s question, to explain to her and mainly to be involved and get to know the cartoon characters and story line so we got common things to chat about.

OK.. here’s the list of programme that my kids love

1) Sesame Street. JS’s famous character – ELMO
JS started watching this very young when she was at the babysitter’s place. Seldom watch this anymore, don’t know the air time on TV, so usually watch ELMO VCD. I actually found out JS learned the very basic alphabets and numbers here earlier on.

2) Wheels On The Bus
We have got the whole set 3D animation cartoon, great story line that merged with classic nursery rhymes.

3) Thomas the Tank Engine (VCD)
Got that for WH because he loves transportation.

4) Winnie the Pooh (VCD)
The kids just love Pooh Bear. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s cuddly, maybe we have alot of Pooh soft toys at home.

5) Jojo’s circus
Both kids favourite. Maybe Jojo is cute and colourful.

6) HigglyTown Heroes
Teaches about people. ie jobs

7) Barney
We have a few VCDs on this, it covers on various topics, very educational.

8) Out of The Box
Interesting, can steal some ideas on activities to do with the kids at home especially art and craft. Enhance the kid’s creativity

9) Little Eisteins
Great on music and instruments

10) Stanley
Great cartoon that teaches about nature and animals. More on science and facts.

11) Bob The Builder

12) Disney Cinderella
JS’s dislike Sleeping Beauty. The Witch part a bit scary to her.

13) Sound Of Music

TV Programme Preview

June 1, 2006

Hubby has got a habit to tune into the TV news during dinner time or after dinner. This is our family routine and the whole family got to sit down together, watch TV, chat, JS would watch News together with us, asking us alot of questions when she doesn’t understand/puzzled over the screenshots or what’s reported over the news.

One thing I don’t understand and don’t like is that why do the TV stations have to air those horror movie preview during news break time?? Those really scary and violent movie sneak preview (maybe scary to my extend, but I feel it’s certainly not suitable to be viewed by very young kids) Those programmes (Rated 18-xx) are meant to be aired after 10pm. No?? But throughout the day, no matter what programme (including kids hours)is on, during break/advertisement time, they still air the preview. All the TV stations are the same. Don’t the TV station ever think of the young kids? As parents, would you let your kids watch the preview, as if there is no big deal?

For us, hubby would always try to change the channel as fast as possible, at the same time we would call out JS’s name (hoping to distract her stare from the TV) while we change the channel. We would say “Dont watch” or just plain “JS”, sometimes we just turn off the TV. There were times that I have to quickly grab her and cover her eyes. She would ask me in puzzle ” Why ,mummy” I would reply “Nothing, just don’t watch”.

Loving, kissing scene is easier to explain to the kids (just treat it as part of sex education) but bloody violent and horror scenes, how to rationalize it to a very young mind??

Disney On Ice

April 14, 2006

We managed to bring the kids to Disney On Ice on Tuesday for the afternoon show. No complementary tickets this time, but JS has managed to “charm” her ku ma to buy the tickets for her. So we have got 2 RM187 rinkside tickets for daddy and mummy. (SIL thought that we should get a ticket at this price range because usually with our complementary tickets we got quite good seats, so to not disapoint JS, she has decided not to buy the cheaper RM35 one… SPOILT!)

Not a really spectacular show, as it was almost the same as the last few Disney On Ice shows we’ve seen. Boring for the adults but both JS and WH loves it. They enjoyed themself, enjoyed the show, the pop-corns (didn’t buy any souveniers…too expensive…cheapsake mummy!!), at the end of the show JS managed to shake hands with Belle , but to her it’s not good enough as she said is not a propoer hand shake and she didn’t manage to shake hand with Mickey…so all the way…crying to the car..Show finished at 4.30pm, by that time both the kids were already very tired and fell asleep in the car on the way home.