Feasting Through To Welcome The New Year

January 3, 2007

The past weekend we have been feasting through to welcome the new year (didn’t take any pictures of the food!). Gone back to Subang on Saturday afternoon. Had dinner at Sudu Restaurant at Hilton KL.

b.jpg @Sudu, Hilton KL.

dsc00377.JPG WH loves his food

dsc00382.JPG Strawberries dipped in Choc from the choc fountain.

Sunday night, new year’s eve. Dinner at Rasa Sayang Restaurant at Eastin Hotel, PJ. Had sharks fin soup, Lap Mei Rice, Goose feet with sea cucumber and mushroom and other dishes… This is the night I started dating my hubby 6 years ago, we became a couple after some crazy drinking session at Bangsar. 🙂

Sunday afternoon, I also managed to go dating with hubby. We went to the cinema to catch a movie without the kids. It has been such a long time since we last went dating.

dsc00479.JPG@Rasa Sayang

After dinner we went back to SIL’s house to countdown. It’s the family tradition to have something sweet at the strike of 12 midnite to welcome the new year. As to symbolize having a sweet and good year ahead. We popped champange and had choc. Pity can’t see any fire work at SIL’s place. The kids stayed up late that night.

Brought my parents out for lunch @Sushi King Tesco on Monday morning.

dsc00496.JPG JS with Popo.

We had dinner at Telawi Bistro Cafe @Bangsar.

dsc00501.JPG @Telawi Bistro

dsc00502.JPG My boy always a good eater.


After dinner @Bangsar, we went to Le Meridian to have our dessert and enjoy the live band. They were out of cakes at Le Meridian, so we have to “tar pau” from Hilton to Le Meridian as there’s no live band in Hilton that night. Both WH and JS having a good time dancing to the music….I think they will be a dancing kaki when they reach their teens.

dsc00514.JPG@cafe at Hilton



dsc00542.JPG “Happy New Year, 2007”. Having great fun in front of the live band.


Christmas Feast

December 26, 2006

SIL#2’s a Catholic, so we celebrated Christmas with her and invited JS’s godparents for a feast on Xmas eve at SIL’s house. JS’s godparents didn’t manage to make it to her birthday dinner and hence we invited them to come along for Chritmas.

We had a feast and most food are prepared by SIL#2 and JS’s godmother (JS’s godmum was SIL#1 primary school classmate, she was also JS’s babysitter for 1 1/2 years before I started working from home and subsequently a SAHM. She’s an excellent cook.. it’s another long story how grateful I was been having her as JS’s executive babysitter)

  The kids cant wait to open up the prezzies… hubby allowed them to go for the first round of unwrapping present in the morning.

JS with grandfather and godbrother

 Baked potato, sausage, Baguette for garlic bread

 The yummy turkey, served with cranberry sauce.

Grilled lamb chop

 Chicken pie & warm salad

Didn’t manage to take the pic of the seafood pasta, the baked mushroom and cold salad. There were so much to eat plus dessert, wine and champange.

The “makan” family

 one lovely tree to compliment to the christmas mood.

Kids busy with another round of unwrapping prezzies…I guess they each received about 7 gifts. They are having such a jolly good time.

JS catching up with her Kai Ma

Festive In The Air…..

December 22, 2006


Taking the opportunity and cyberspace here to wish everyone a BERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Will be back to Subang to celebrate with my in-laws. (My parents are away for holiday and wont be back until 26th Dec)


Happy Winter Solstice 冬至快乐!

December 22, 2006

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!!

Since today is such an important day in the Chinese calender, I’ll be cooking something less ordinary tonight. 🙂 Not a feast…. but will take more time for preparation, like making popiah (preparing the fillings take quite some time) , frying nyonya noodle and fried chicken and not to miss out the glutiounus rice ball.  Taking an extra effort on this day to prepare a meal is because it’s just once a year affair and I want my kids to understand that it’s an important day in a chinese culture.

Most family would have rolled the glutionous rice ball a night before, but I didn’t do so because I’m not preparing it for prayer ( prayer to the ancestor)  early this morning and also hubby wont be eating it until he got back from work later… if I make it too early, it will become sticky and soggy.

During my childhood day, I have never got a chance to be involved in the activity of rolling the ball. My mum didn’t practice that at home. Since both my paternal and maternal grandparents staying quite near by to us, it’s just a phone call away and we already get yummy food to eat. So all I knew was TO EAT!! We would have feasty lunch at maternal grandma house and later dinner at paternal grandparents place.  To me it’s just another special and important day which there would be ample of good food and also glutinous rice ball.

Last year was the first time I try my hand on make the balls, mainly because I want to instill this cultural awareness in my kids. Suffice to say I have nil knowledge on that. Prior to that I didn’t even know the existent of glutinous rice flour and where to get it but I was ambitious enough to want to make glutinous rice ball with fillings in it. During the process, I made endless SOS calls to my mum and at the end it still end up a failure and mess. 😛

This year I have learned from my past experience. 😀

 Occupy the kids with some “work” while I was busy in the kitchen. Caught this pic when I check on them later.

 JS helped me to roll the balls

 WH also wanted to help

 Playing with left over dough.

 The glutinous rice ball ready to be cooked. The big white ones with peanut fillings.  I didn’t make it according to the tradition/restriction of 6 big white balls and 6 big red balls, all make in fun filled sizes and colours.

 Put the balls into boiling water. Once the balls started floating on the water surface, scooped it out and then soak the ball in ice cold water. (mum said that by doing so, the ball will have a better texture (QQ taste))

 This is the rock sugar for the sweetened soup. It’s called “Pin Tong” in cantonese. Some would prefer to use Gula Melaka and some Cantonese will prepared red date soup based.

 Boiling the sweetened liquid using the above sugar and Pandan leaf.

Ready to be served. When hubby comes home, I just need to heat up the sweetened liquid and then put in the glutinous rice ball.

 A savoury version that my neighbour brought over. The liquid is actually chicken soup. The Hakkas usually prepare savoury glutinous rice ball while the hokkien and cantonese the sweet version.

冬至 Winter Solstice

December 21, 2006

Tomorrow 22/12 will be a day for the chinese to celebrate winter solstice 冬至 (dong zhi) (some call it the Chinese Christmas) some chinese call it 元宵节 (yuan xiao)  . It’s the most important event among the 24 seaonal changes/festives in the chinese calender, even more important than the Chinese New Year. (The origin  of 24 seasonal changes (二十四节气) is according to the changes according to the climate/season. They are 立春、雨水、惊蛰、春分、清明、谷雨、立夏、小满、芒种、夏至、小暑、大暑、立秋、处暑、白露、秋分、寒露、霜降、立冬、小雪、大雪、冬至、小寒、大寒) 

The Chinese always say “冬至大过年” (Winter Solstice is greater than the New Year) and I remeber when I was young, my father or the Cantonese always have this joke of “冬至大过年, 老婆大过奶”.

During the day, it’s believe to be the shortest day with the least daylight throughout the year. After this day, longer daylight will be seen. That’s why it also signify a better new start of another year.

During the winter solstice day, it’s common practise for the family to have reunion dinner. Some chinese like Cantonese will have sticky glutinous rice , Hakka will have herbal chicken and other special dish, but all chinese never miss the glutionus rice ball.


The balls are made of glutionous rice flour and using in white and red in colour. And it’s serve with sweetened liquid.

Last year my kids help to roll the balls and they enjoyed it very much…. and tonight I’m going to involve the kids again.

JS’s 4!

December 12, 2006

JS turned 4 last Friday (8/12), since I still had a full day class, I didn’t get to spent the day to celebrate with her.

On my way to class, I dropped both JS and WH at MIL’s place. SIL has promised to bring them out to celebrate. (also it’s good to give my mum a break after 2 weeks of taking care of the monkeys)

They have gone to 1U. I understand from SIL that they have queued for hours to have a picture taken with Disney characters. (photo in SIL’s camera)

Picked the kids and maid back to my parents place late in the evening after my class. Waited for hubby to finish work from Sban to cake the birthday cake together and it was not until 10pm that we finally get to sing birthday song and cut the cake.

 Just an ordinary cake. Dont have time to go order what she asked for.

 On top of the angpows she got from her aunties and grannies, she has received these pressies too….  Leappad from daddy and mummy, a collector edition of barbie from SIL#1, another barbie bath set from SIL#2 (that makes up to 3 barbie dolls she owned thus far…..and she hardly play with it.)

 Another cake cutting ceremony with the paternal grannies…

Birthday Celebration

November 24, 2006

This was how I celebrated my 30th birthday.

Hubby pretended to have forgotten but quietly brought in this cake that he hide in the car after dinner. 😀

 I’m only 3… not 30 . LOL (3 candles only!! )

Thank you everyone for the well wishes by leaving wishes in my blog’s comment to the sms-es that i’ve received, emails and also through MSN. Thank you , thank you.