Boy Gone Missing

September 15, 2006

If you have read the newspaper today, you are likely not to have missed this piece of news with the cute chubby little boy picture on it…

The boy has gone missing in a shopping complex and I thought it’s a kidnaped kind of thing or being snatch , but boy…I just can’t believe what I’ve read about how the boy’s gone missing and I have to read it over and over again and doubting if I have read wrongly, or perhaps the newspaper has reported wrongly.

Here’s how it goes…

a one year old boy gone missing in Sban Terminal One shopping center. The mum is only 15 years old. Gone shopping with her son and spotted a notice stating that a printing outlet was looking for workers.

“I wanted to go inside for the interview but my son refused to enter, so I had no choice but to leave him outsie”, …..

…she left her pink handbag with her son with documents and her son’s birt cert in it..and both the boy and handbag are nowhere to be found…

The boy would’t have gone missing if the mother has a common sense and a sense of responsiblity. I don’t pity the mother but I’m worried of the boy safety. No sane mother would have left a one year old toddler wondering in a busy shopping complex with bus terminal and taxi station next to it for a good 15minutes and somemore left the handbag with the boy. A 15 years old mother???? which meant by 13 already had sex and 14 given birth…. Oh my….what’s the maturity of this young girl…she can’t even care for herself….what more about caring for a young toddler….

I really don’t sympathize with this young girl…all I wanted to say is “Pandan Muka”….

Updates: just in case you have not heard/read/known about the outcome. The girl finally admitted that she has made a false report and she has actually given her baby away so that her mother(the baby’s grandmother) won’t scold her. And guess what, the next day it’s even in the cover page of the newspaper of this girl’s ex-husband with the baby. Hhmmm..think about it, isn’t it a crime that he has commited? I thought it’s consider rape if one has sex with an underage girl?? How come no authority go after him??


Protected: I Hate Weekend

August 13, 2006

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Small Mentality

July 19, 2006

Small town people has got small mentality. I’ve experienced this with the idiot driver.

Another is about open burning. Regardless of whether there’s haze or not, open burning should be totally banned. The authority must take strict action, but again in this small town, everywhere you can find people burning rubbish. In my housing taman alone, it’s not usual to find a few houses doing open burning, the smell of smoke is bad even with a air purifier at home, we can’t totally get rid of the smell. Feel so suffocated with the burning smoke, moreover there’s this tabacco factory near to our house… Open burning does not only occurs in our taman, basically the whole town, everywhere I drive around during the evening, will see smokes rising in the sky. What’s the authority doing?? No body seems to care. The problem is , the garbage man doesn’t want to collect dead leafs and grass even already wrapped up properly in a garbage bag.

The drain outside my house is always blocked. My maid have to clean it so often by scooping up alot of dried leafs from the drain outside our neighbour house which is vacant. Only today we found out the neighbour 2 door away is sweeping all the dried leafs and sampah into the drain. Such a selfish act. With block drains, obviously there will be lot of mosquito.

I think I also mentioned about people doing business in this small town before. From landscapper to worker that plaster the wall to piano tuner, you need to call them a few times and they never turn up with you on the appointed time. When you call again , they just simple don’t answer your call or turned off the phone. They don’t even care about having one extra business…

Life is real sucks here……

PS:/ Andy.. u reading my blog??? Can you tell me why people from your hometown ini macam huh?????


July 4, 2006

昨天读了MG的部落格,方知她的很多文章都被别人一字不漏,原汁原味的抄袭了. 一些很私人的经历都被化称为这文抄公己有. 这文抄公也真不知羞耻, 敢敢还把自己的照片大大的上载在部落格里. 还有还有, 文抄公也盗用了双喜妈妈的特制图标和文章,还称自己为土阿妈. (那是双喜妈妈的标签啊!) 真有人这么厚脸皮. 整个部落格的真实性实在让人置疑. 或许是东抄抄,西抄抄而成.被抄的都是我的 VERY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS (MG & Twinsmom) 的部落格,谈不上是朋友因不曾相见,但她们象我的breastfeeding and blogging 师夫, I look up to them. 实在为她们感到不平. 每一字,每一个图标都是她们的心血,泪和汗,既然有人那么不道德.

部落格是很个人的东西,就像日记.记载自己的贴心经历,思维.哪有人这么不要脸,连别人的婚礼都能化称为己有.难道真的那么低能, 无法观察和记录下自己和女儿的对话,非抄别人的不可? 实在过分,无耻.不会写,头脑蠢得一字都写不出,就别学人家玩部落格! 有时我在别人部落格中看到好文章,有时会盗用一两句,但也不置于一篇又一篇的抄袭不顾.她的目的是什么?那是什么心态?心理不平衡, 变态?还是在尝试讨读者的肯定.撇视这种人. 欺骗了自己的老公,朋友及读者还把别人的成就归功于自己, 良心过得去吗?死不要脸. 非把这种人骂得狗头淋血.

在着个cyberworld里真的无所不有.像老公说的”防人之心不可无”.不敢向老公提及这事,要不他会下令不准我写部落格, 也会骂我没把他的话放进心里.说我忠言逆耳. 他一定会说“I told you so, but you never listen!”. 这也只不过是文抄公变态的抄袭,肯定还有更变态与心理不平衡的.难以想象他们会做出什么.火还没烧到自己眉头不知热,还不想放弃我心爱的部落格. 要防也是防不胜防.

事情摆平了. 事主原谅了文抄公. 如果是我,我想我不会那么大人大量和宽容的心,务必追究到底. 弄得这人茶饭不思, 死去活来,坐立不安. 我就这么小家.

有人会认为这又不管我是, 怎么酱多事,写得象爱打抱不平, 其实是在煽风点火,多管闲事. 三八又鸡婆! 写了才感痛快. 好像是在幸灾乐祸文抄公的行为被揭穿, 把我的快乐建在他的痛苦中. 爽耶!反正这是我的部落格,我想写什,就写什. 管你屁事!

Psst: 用中文写,不想让老公看懂. 哈哈!

School Violence

June 29, 2006

I saw this video clip on someone‘s blog when blog hopping. (Geez.. I don’t know how to copy the video, you have to access it from the link). It really scared me off and sent a cold chill down my spine after watching it. It’s a real disturbing video. I don’t remember seeing or hearing such violence during my secondary school days, though there were a bunch of naughty boys.

In the video clip, one of the girl was even making funny face in front of the camera, and there were students wearing ties (That means prefect. NO?), why didn’t they call for the teachers.

I don’t have any kids that’s in their teen or at school going age. But I do worry for my children’s future in school. What have the school became? A noble place to study and learn has turned into a place of violence and crime. School is no longer a safe place, there’s kidnapping, rapes, gangsterism, students involved in indecent acts….etc etc. It’s not uncommon for boys to be involved in gangsterism, it’s already bad, but girls involve in gang fighting, that’s worst and unthinkable. I have enough to worry about my daughter being con, rape, kidnap, now worst, need to have extra worry of being bully and mingle with the wrong group of people.

What kind of parents would raise this kind of problematic kids? Watch too much TV? Parents neglect? No proper religion? I hope the authority will take quick action. These bunch of girls should be sent to rehabilition center. They should be punished. I hope by the time my kids enter school, it would be a better, safer place.

Sidenote: After writing this, I went surfing, and this is in the news. here. One said the school authority is unaware of the fighting and the video clip, another said the headmaster is in denial, claiming that the clip was a haux, that the student just “play play”. The police were reserved about this as they claimed too many of this kind of video clips is circulating in the net (which mean they have doubt on the genuinity?) Serious action must be taken, not until someone is admitted in the hospital again, then only they seriously look into the matter.

Updates: Read from today’s newspaper that these gangster girls has been suspended from school. I wonder if this is the right action to be taken. Students who involved in gang fight apparently are those not so good in academic and not so keen on studying. By suspending them from school, I guess they would be much more happier than anything. That does not sound like a punishment to them. Without going to school, what are they going to do? where are they going during the whole day? Don’t expect them to be quarantine at home by their parents. Would their parents be bothered? I doubt. Maybe they would wander off in town,”lepaking”, which might cause more social problem. They should be sent and locked away in “rehabiliating school” (whatever it’s called) to be trained in special skill and be separated from their parents. Should give them a taste of being locked up without freedom and far away from loving family. Cruel? Nope. I think that will teach them a lesson to appreciate freedom of normal school and the comfort of living at home.

Plastic Surgery

June 22, 2006

There are 2 very close person in my life that has done it. A nose job and another a chin/jaw job. They are both single, having successful career and have the spending power to pamper themself. Understandable. Full stop.


A mother of 2. Gave up breastfeeing because it’s too troublesome. Slim down a great deal, turned into a sex siren. Left hubby and two young kids when the youngest is less than 2 years old to seek for a better life for herself. Partying, clubbing, drinking, smoking, use drug, has various boyfriends, even two timing. Later got her latest boyfriend to sponsor her for a boobies job (breast implant) and got dumped by this latest boyfriend…. I can just open my mouth in awe… puzzle and speechless. No..this is not drama, it happens in real life, to someone I knew personaly.

My maternal instinct just won’t allow me to abandone my kids for my own pleasure. I love my hubby too much, I have choosen him and we got married, so I will stick to him through good and through bad. As for a breast implant sponsor by boyfriend, it’s just unthinkable. No matter what,my family, My DEAR HUBBY and my CHILDREN are my top priorities.

爱情与面包 Love Vs Bread

April 5, 2006

在爱情与面包之间, 你到底会作出怎么样的选择? 是否有了爱情就没有面包, 有了面包就没有爱情? 没有面包真的不能存活吗?就没有幸福吗?多少人懂得珍惜, 多少人会知足?又有多少人能同时间拥有爱情与面包?
(In between love and bread, how would you make your choice? Is it right that if there is love, there won’t necessary be having bread , or when there is bread, there is no true love? Without bread, is it true that you can’t survive? Can’t you have happiness without money? How many people knows how to treasure what they have and how many people knows how to be contented? And how many people are lucky enough to have both bread and love?)

What triggered me to write this post was that moment ago I caught up with my friend T again. From the conversation, it sent me into deep thoughts, gave me a lot of puzzlements and keeps wondering and if I have a weak heart, maybe I would have a heart attack already. (Sorry T, if you are reading this, don’t meant to put you in the lime light. It’s just that this thing keeps twirling in my mind that I have to let it out. It’s your choice, I don’t want to judge whether it’s brilliant or not, you decide yourself and I wish you all the best)

Extract of conversation between T, Y and Me.
T: hi E
T: how r u
E: how’s life T?
T: great
E: how’s ur new job??
T: not too bad, basically surfing and reading papers
T: get to chat
E: kids in ipoh??
T: nope
T: they are down in kl with dh
E: u all ok liao??
Y: ohh what they doin in kl?why there?
T: take care of dh lor
E: N go to which school?
T: nearby L’s place lor
T: in fact she just started y’day
T: stopped for one mth
T: thinking of let her take tuition to pick up
T: wat do u guys think
T: she missed few alphabets
T got exam next mth
E: u siow young take tuition
E: dun stress ur child lah
T: she missed out mah
E: sure will pick up one lah
Y: over load her tiny brains lah
T: to catch up only
T: she missed a lot
E: exam only need to stress and fuss lah
T: i am thinking of getting a maid?
T: wat do u guys think
T: pity my mil
E: ooh..ur mil with ur dh
E: where u staying now T?
T: K, GH
T: later will be moving to KD so K can complete his reno
T: he let me stay at his new place cos i din have a place
E: new love nest
E: plan to tie the knot soon?
T: not so soon gua
T: actually i dun wan to remarry but no guts to tell him
T: i wonder if he could ever take it
T: he is 34
E:y dun want to remarry??
T: accountant
T: nah….
T: scared dy
T: no confident
T: no more pregnancy for me
E: ur separation procedure final?
T: nope
T he always say no money
T: for lawyers fee
E: need money meh? how much u ask for?

T: legal fees
E: no money is excuse.. dun want to let go lah i think
T: not i wan
T: i dunwan anything
T: yah, i agree
T: he just sent me a sms not to long ago said i will be the only woman in his life and he misses me
T: damn
T: feel like crying
T: i can still cry when i think of him
T: it still hurts
T: he is a nice husband
T: a loyal one
E: how come like that complicated
E: go back to him lo
T: just not doing too well financially
T: nah i can’t
T: K is too nice to me too
E: how long u with K liao? met in previous work place?
T: there is no future for me and the kids with L
T: yes
T: a mth
T: things he did for me….
T: can’t just forget about it
T: he got me out of the nite job
E: what nite job?
T: he is basically supporting me financially
T: i can’t handle it alone
T: tat is why i had to work at hnite to make ends meet
T: cos at nite is like almost double my current pay
T: with tips and free ciggarettes probably more
Y: wow didn’t know nite club pays so much wan
Y: but u gotta wear sexy sexy ar?
T: i dih work in nite clubs lah
T: i work in a healthy pub
T: casual sexy
E: ur bf single n never married b4?
T: single
T: life was hard
T:: this is in fact the first serious relationship i mean after i left the guy i left L for
Y: what happened to the guy lah?
T: still in touch
Y: cradle snatcher man
E: is that the one that gave u the tag heur
T: yes
T: i gave him back
Y: where u meet wan?
T: disco lor
T: in fact i still have some strings attached
T: i have one spore bf
T: one kuantan bfy
T: still not yet tell them
Y: waaahhh all from disco?
E: i tot u have ur priority on family n kids
T: but i’m for real with K
T: cos he got money
Y: how much does he earn a month?
T: 5 figure lor
T: but exactly i dunno
T: i only know his income from one side
T: cos he got two
Y: u never asked meh?
T: nope, never, too early, will scare him off
T: he works for one co and own one himself with his buddy

看了以上的对话, 你的感想如何? 你会为了物质上的享受而忍心抛下稚小的孩子吗?自己的欢乐比孩子还要重要吗?虽然不管我的事, 但这还是困绕着我. 想到无辜的孩子, 因为母亲的虚荣而失去了一个美满欢乐的家庭.金钱能弥补心灵上的创伤吗?对孩子脆弱的心灵又会留下什么阴影?平庸的生活没有乐趣吗?如果早知自己的男人无法满足要求, 为何当初要嫁, 还生两个小孩, 让孩子受罪,拖累他们? 荣华富贵真的那么重要吗?朋友的丈夫有屋让她遮头,有车接送,有份正当的工作,安稳的收入,难道就没有好的将来吗?


在以上谈话后,感触良深.我以为朋友T会有所保留,也不敢直接多问.但我很惊讶她的坦诚,语气中没有廉耻,羞愧甚至还带有一丝丝自豪.感慨万分.T的两个孩子和我的孩子们同龄,有点心疼.T的母性在哪里?是否自私了点?换成我,我可不忍心我的孩子们受这样的苦.一样米养百种人,也不可能期望每个人能甘心为孩子为家庭牺牲.愿上苍报佑这两个孩子. 总觉得他们很可怜.


广东人说”做人中,做人保,不做媒人三世好”,我这个局外人,还是少理不理好.在我的”簿落格”里我写我思,也就罢了. 你说呢?

(Sorry, 2nd part of the post is my own view. The KPC side of me giving me the urge to gossip this. This is only for Chinese reader. Too lazy to translate into English, but you can tell me your views too)