New Year Resolution

January 3, 2007

My new year resolution

  1.  To loose weight….I need to loose at least 8 kg…the ideal will be 10kg.
  2. Earn money online!!! (first thing I want to get is to go for eyebrow embroidery)
  3. Be a better wife to my hubby
  4. Be a better mum to my kids
  5. To control my temper and emotion better and be more patient with my kids.

I hope I will be able to achieve what I’ve set forth. 😉


My New Toy

December 26, 2006

Finally got my new camera as Xmas gift. 🙂  We had settled for Sony N2 because of value of money. For the same price, sony is offering 10 mega pixels while Canon only 6 megapixels.  We have got a free pouch, a free screen protector, 1Gb memory card , a mini tripod, 20% of print at fotokem lifelong and 120 free prints at fotokem. So it’s good bargain for the price they advertise and with all these bundle in (maybe can get better offer at Sg Wang…but too lazy to travel down town)

With the old camera, I didn’t really explore all the function, merely use it very basic function. Now the new one is with more function and it’s time to really play with it.


December 19, 2006

Last week I received a call from MMI informing me the marks of my practical exam. Marks for each area were told and my overall mark was 79/100. I was totally dissapointed with my result. I had high expectation and I really want to excel. Unfortunately this was the result that I’ve got. Unlike when I was doing my degree years back, I wasn’t that concern on the mark as long as I pass and get the cert, but this time round, because I’m really doing this out of passion and I really want give the best of it.  Really a long way more to go… have to work hard on my written exam and the remaining assignments.

Feel a little regret of taking up this course so late… regreted that I didn’t take up a early childhood course 10 years earlier. Felt like loosing out on time to realize where my passion lies.

Weekends Update

December 12, 2006

These were what we did for the past 3 weekends.

25/11 On our way back to my parent’s place, we stopped by at Sepang. A1 was going on. Initially we thought that we needed to buy the tickets, so we just drove around the outside of the circuit to let the kids watch. Later we found out that it’s training session and admission is free, so we went in.

 WH: “this is my dream car”

 Posting with sexy models. I’m surprise WH is not at all scared to be carried by strangers.

Model in the making!

We didn’t stay long as we were not prepare for it (didn’t bring ear plug for the kids) and it was very hot.

Dropped off the stuffs at my parents place and then went over to SIL house to put up the xmas tree.

Later that day, we had dinner at the chinese restaurant to celebrate MIL’s birthday.

Sunday – Gone over to my girlfriend’s house to attend her wedding ceremony.

2nd weekend. Hubby brought the kids out with SIL while I was attending classes during Saturday and Sunday.

3rd weekend. I had my practical exam. We came back home early on Sunday.

Protected: Outburst

October 31, 2006

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September 26, 2006

Hubby recently filled up a form, under the field “spouse’s occupation” , it’s stated HOUSEWIFE

My feeling upon seeing that….errrr…dont know how to tell…maybe a little lowly, a little self pitied. I prefer being referred to as SAHM, home maker is still acceptable…but HOUSEWIFE….. it’s really a bit turn off to see such title, so unglam, so dull… somehow to me , I have this impression that relates housewife to those uneducated stay home woman in the kampung….

It prompted me so much at that moment that I so wanted to return to workforce so that I can have a better title than a housewife something like  system cordinator/system analyst  or whatever and when asked what company I work in, I no longer have the pride to say XXX MNC.

After 2 years of staying home, though as much as I enjoy my kids, I’m missing some spark in my life.. I’m starting to question what I want to achieve, what I really want, is staying home really something for me? My kids are my priority that I wanted to take charge their education, but what about my own calling?? How can I juggle between them and myself. It’s such a contradicting thought to think about.

If there’s opportunity knocking at the door..shall I accept it??

I Miss Working

September 22, 2006

It has been almost 2 years since I give up my job and stay home with the kids. Have I ever miss working life…yes , I do, sometimes. It has recently flashed through my mind again.

Not to say I don’t enjoy staying home with my kids and not to say I’m bored with them…but I do miss the corporate life, I have been in an MNC since my first informal job….so I miss wearing smart…carrying the laptop…been assigning task and helping end user solve problem, the big fat cheque and bonus and all the medical coverage, the sastifaction (minus office politics and saying goodbye to my girl at the sitter’s) is different from being a full time housewife/mother ….the enviroment is totally different from staying home that makes me miss it occationaly. I just miss the working culture…job sastifaction will give me more self worth I reckon. (human being is so contradicting…when working, I wanted so much to be SAHM and now I’m a SAHM…I miss working “pulak”)

Have I ever consider returning to workforce??? Yes , I do. But since I’m still in “production”…that also mean I won’t be able to go back to work so soon…at least in another 3 years time. (That’s going to be long period of time. *sigh*) And I know I would never experience the same working life again and I will never able to go back to my original profession (market too competative + looking for a half day job). If I ever go back to will most likely to be involved with kids (tuition, babysitting or teacher)

Same thing goes to my student life in Perth. I miss that part of life but I know no matter what…even if I got a chance to go back there… I will never experience that same kind of life again…..