Electronic Game Devises

December 26, 2006

Kids nowadays are so lucky to have so much variety of toys to play with but again not all toys are benefiting to the kids. For one that hubby and me are particulary against  are the electronic game devises like those gameboy and PS Portable which can be so addictive.

Hubby finds it so annoying to see someone all head buried into the gaming devises during a gathering , to him it’s very rude and ill mannered and a act of anti social.

It’s not uncommon to see young boys caring a gameboy and PS Portable around everywhere they go, be it at a family gathering or a dinner occation at the restaurant. All they do is to isolated themself, sit in the corner and all hooked up with the games or sit around at the dinning table physically there but the mind and hands  on the game  and ignorant to what’s going on around them, all in the world of their own, as if the gathering is too boring for them to attend and participate. I have even observed teenagers, young kids who are busying playing games on their handphone or these games devices during dinner at eating outlets that when the food is served, there are still into the games and the parents have to serve them food.

In this world, in the community, no one can live in isolation. We need to interact with people all the time especially when one is out in the working world, you need to communicate with your boss, your management, your downlines, clients and customers whether you like it or not. Interaction and communication skills have to be developed, trained and build up since young. The young generation now are mainly very rude, ill-mannered, self centered and most of all dont know how to socialize, because they are not taught how to behave and socialize with others, they are not taught how to carry themself out to initiate a talk.

Family gathering should be a fun time where everyone sit around, chit chat and catch up…and not for one to sit at the corner and busy with gameboys. Meal time is for everyone to gather around and enjoy food. The young should learn the courtesy to serve the elderly but how many families actually enforced and practise these values. Burying ones head into the game devises doesn’t seem to be a big deal to the some parents.

It’s ok if one is alone in a public transport and emerged in the game. But when one is expected to be part of a circle, you cannot just merely make your physical pressence felt. It’s just too rude, you need to participate. It’s also as a respect to the host.

It’s just as bad as when a group of friends gathered together for a chat and one of the bad apple just sit down there, fingers never leave the handphone’s keypad, eyes never strayed from the handphone screen as if so busy with so many calls and sms-es… how would the host and the group friends feel?? It’s direspect to the host and making the host and friends feel that the outing is just too boring to catch that bad apple’s attention.

We vowed never to buy any game devises for our kids. We dont want to bring them up to be anti social and get all hooked up and addicted to this unhealthy devise.


Tough Time

December 19, 2006

I was having a particularly hard time with JS since we got back last week. She was super clingy and overly demanding and to the stage of being unreasonable and I get irritated by that.

Though I know she has been feeling very insecured due to that I was away during the day for 2 full weeks, but still I dont see her behaviour acceptable and I lost my cool on her a few times.  I feel very frustrated and see myself as a failure of not being able to bring her up to me more independent. I lost of patient and has been very harsh with my words on her and at certain point of time I even feel that I dont love her as much as before. It’s a contradicting feeling that in my heart I want to be patient, to hug her and give her reassurance. It’s really tough.

I feel that I’m a failure , because I do not put what I’ve learned into practice. I shall respect her feeling, give her the freedom to express her feeling and guide her along the way, but I failed to do so. I dont know how to guide her to express her feeling in a better way than being acting difficult on me. (she has missed her annual yamaha concert at the shopping mall the other day because she refused to go on stage, she just want to cling on to me and refuse to go on stage. There were many more incidents last week that she was super clingy *sigh*)

Brainteaser Game

November 20, 2006

Recently there’s a booth at Giant selling this IQ toys. Though made in China and Taiwan, the quality is not too bad and the price is very afforadable too.

I always like this kinds of toys for my kids. Toys that can promote their creativity and logical thinking. We already have lot of woodblocks at home, we have ZOOB, we have Mega blocks and we have LEGO DUPLO (only one box though…coz very expensive) , and we have those alphablets cubes. Still each time I see educational or IQ toys , I cannot resist not buying them.

  The beads game came with assorted shape of beads and though it looks simple, but it’s not as what what perceived at first glance. This game is suitable for up to 90 years old. 😛  For me I can spent about 10 – 15 minutes to get the elementary level question solved.  Using this to teach WH’s colours and memory. Usually I will take out like 2 to 3 pieces of the beads of different shape and get him to put in back in the place that I took it out. This is also to test his concentration and memory. A good way to teach him colours too. For JS, I will follow the question sheet to get her fill up all the blank with the beads (That’s no easy task though)

 Another mind game for the kids.

 7 pieces tangram. This will promote the kids logical thinking.

 This one bought it long time ago on the net. Can use the different shapes block to form the picture on the booklet. Good way to teach WH colours and shapes too.

Boy Obsessed with Breast

November 9, 2006

I have done the least I could as a mother and successfully breastfeed my boy for 2 years. As much as I enjoy this breastfeeding session and though there were many down time where I feel really tired but still I persisted. As much as I enjoy the breastfeeding session and also the closeness and bond I shared with my boy, but now I’m really seriously thinking of weaning not so much because I couldn’t stand the tireness and sore nipples, because I have worries.

 If a girl, I might not have so much worry and continue breastfeeding as long as she wants but my boy has grown…he’s already two. I’m a little worry that he will get obsesse with breast. And it’s getting embarrasing the way the touches me in public and he attempt to help himself to be nursed…. each time when I want to pull up my shirt to nurse him, he will happily said ” feed/big nen nen” . It has been going on like this for a while and I cannot figure out whether is FEED or BIG and I usually ignores it. Yesterday I checked with him.  “Did you say feed or big? Feed?” WH: “No no”  (shake his head) ME: “Is it big nen nen?” WH: “ng. big nen nen” (nodding his head)

See..this kind of comment coming out from my 2 years old boy…sure is embarrasing…what if it’s heard in public…that’s why I’m really thinking of weaning.

That day MIL mentioned about some herbs or whatever from the chinese herbal shop. Edible but bitter which can be applied on the breast/nipple… it’s a way to wean baby from breastfeeding because of the bitter taste….. a little tempting want to try…..

Any mummies (MG??) who has experience on breastfeeding boy beyond age 2…. how’s your boy’s reaction to the sight of breast???

ps: when I made up my mind to fully breastfeed even before the birth of WH, many people around me told me that I should mix fix because the weaning process would be very difficult, but I didn’t pay attention because I was really very determine to fully breastfeed, I told myself that I can surely find a way to wean by the time comes and didn’t worry too much.. I’m still not too worry at this moment though it’s hard

Winning Formula

November 9, 2006

Read this in the parenting column in the newspaper today. I think this article really targets on mothers like me…who is zealous who think that enrichment classes is essential and  sending my kids to endless (exaggerate a little. But I think I would if I have the time and $$$) formal classes.

As much as I’m aware of learn through play, but sometimes I still worry that they have not been “educated” enough. I’m jotting this know to remind and assure myself that whatever i have been doing together with my kids, I’m already helping them to learn…

“Nowadays, even toddlers are not spared in the pursuit of excellence and success. To zealous parents, it is never too early to enrol their tiny tots in all sorts of formal classes, from music to reading to compute.

However, child developement experts will tll you that a healthy and happy childhood will do more for your toddler’s long term development than all the structured and formal lesons put together.

Hence, we share with you an age-old recipe to build a strong foundation for your toddler’s development. Here’s our secret:


…….firmly believes that play is a child’s right and that play is definately not an “empty” activity. To her, play is a platform for intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. So allow junior to play freely – with supervision.

Smart mum is supportive – lending a hand when junior encounters problems with his toys; encouraging juniour when he braces himself for a challenge; praising him when he accomplishes a difficult task, and comforting the little one when he hurts himself.

She selects toys with care – safe and neither too difficult nor too boring for junior’s age. Even some of mum’s kitchen utensils like colanders and sieves double up as junior’s toys! To her, toys need not be sophisticated or expensive

Juniour is given lots of room for pretend play which stimulates his imagination, expands creativity and sharpens resourcefulness. WHen invited, mum plays along with the kids.

Fun can also be in the form of visiting the zoo, taking a bus ride around town, shopping at the mall or simply roaming free at the playground. In short, she turns mundane,everytday events into exciting and educational experiences. All without a formal classroom set up. “


November 5, 2006

Each time I want to breastfeed WH, he got his preference side. I still can’t figure out why sometimes he wants to be nursed on the left side and sometimes he prefers the other side. It’s the different taste??? Position?? Sometimes even before I pull up my shirt , he would protest that I’m giving him the wrong side.

He’s such a “kepiting”. He can’t stay still when I’m nursing him. Now when sleeping he also likes to go near to JS and start kicking her …..

8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

November 3, 2006

Came across this in the magazine

Listen up before you let it out. Your well intentioned comments could be hurting more than helping.

Even the most loving mother sometimes puts her foot in her mouth when talking to her child. Some common, casual , seemingly not-so-bad statements can unfortunately and unintentionally hurt or confuse your child…..

Here are eight unhelpful remarks child psychology experts say they hear parents say all the time- …..

1. “Look how well-behaved your brother is!”

2. “Stop your crying this instant!”
3. ” You don’t really hate your sister.”

4. “You never….”

5. “If you don’t wear your seat belt, the police officer will give us a ticket.”

6. “I’m sick and tired of telling you to do your homework all the time. The next time I have to remind you, I’ll”

7. “You’re the best little artish in the whole world”

8. “OK, five more minutes….”

OMG…after reading it…I realize that I have always said the wrong thing to my kids. I use police to “threaten” them on certain things, sometimes I say ” look..didi so good boy” or vice versa, when they cry for no reason I say ” stop your crying instantly….”

hhhhmmm…parenting is so hard…now I have to add these in my list to watch up to….