Feasting Through To Welcome The New Year

January 3, 2007

The past weekend we have been feasting through to welcome the new year (didn’t take any pictures of the food!). Gone back to Subang on Saturday afternoon. Had dinner at Sudu Restaurant at Hilton KL.

b.jpg @Sudu, Hilton KL.

dsc00377.JPG WH loves his food

dsc00382.JPG Strawberries dipped in Choc from the choc fountain.

Sunday night, new year’s eve. Dinner at Rasa Sayang Restaurant at Eastin Hotel, PJ. Had sharks fin soup, Lap Mei Rice, Goose feet with sea cucumber and mushroom and other dishes… This is the night I started dating my hubby 6 years ago, we became a couple after some crazy drinking session at Bangsar. 🙂

Sunday afternoon, I also managed to go dating with hubby. We went to the cinema to catch a movie without the kids. It has been such a long time since we last went dating.

dsc00479.JPG@Rasa Sayang

After dinner we went back to SIL’s house to countdown. It’s the family tradition to have something sweet at the strike of 12 midnite to welcome the new year. As to symbolize having a sweet and good year ahead. We popped champange and had choc. Pity can’t see any fire work at SIL’s place. The kids stayed up late that night.

Brought my parents out for lunch @Sushi King Tesco on Monday morning.

dsc00496.JPG JS with Popo.

We had dinner at Telawi Bistro Cafe @Bangsar.

dsc00501.JPG @Telawi Bistro

dsc00502.JPG My boy always a good eater.


After dinner @Bangsar, we went to Le Meridian to have our dessert and enjoy the live band. They were out of cakes at Le Meridian, so we have to “tar pau” from Hilton to Le Meridian as there’s no live band in Hilton that night. Both WH and JS having a good time dancing to the music….I think they will be a dancing kaki when they reach their teens.

dsc00514.JPG@cafe at Hilton



dsc00542.JPG “Happy New Year, 2007”. Having great fun in front of the live band.


First Day Of School

January 3, 2007

JS started her new school term today.

We have been doing lots of prepotaries due to this.  We have brought her to the school no less than 5 times ever since we have decided on which school to sent her, and I had made many trips with her on the route to the school. We talked alot about school, what to expect and what she will do.  I even made up some stories on what fun activities she will get to do in school but not at home, but again I realize the more I talked about, the more anxious she feels. If I neglect the topic at all, it will be too traumatized for her to adapt to the change. Moderation is still the key. For the past few weeks, there were a few times she just cried out of the blue. She would go ” mummy, I love you so much. I miss you alot” , I know how she feels. The seperation anxiety. She’s anxious of leaving me and attend school. Schooling to her seems to be another milestone, because we have been talking about it alot. I told her if she loves me , then she have to do me proud instead of crying and give me a hard time. I told her she has to be brave and bold so that she can be teacher’s assistant/class monitor. (One thing I learned is that as parents, we should not exagerate how fun schooling will be, because once the child started school and real life set in and doesn’t meet up to his/her expectation, he/she will be very dissapointed and lost trust in their parents).

Yesterday I got her to pack her school bag , asked her what snack she wants to bring along and got her to prepare it. She packed a small soft toys in the school bag ( her security blanket) , a family photo (she wanted me to print a bigger size one, but I get her to use back the one she brought to school last year), she had got hubby’s and my phone number with her.  Brought her to cut her hair and also bring out the uniform and get the maid to iron it.  We slept early last night, and when I put her to bed, she sobbed.  All I could do is again to give her alot of reassurance.

Put her to sleep early, but she kept talking and crying, only doozed off at 10.30pm. Woke up early myself at 6.30am, I’m not an early bird, more of a late owl. Have to get use to this routine. JS cried once I woke woke up at 7am, saying that she doesn’t want to go to school. Gave a bottle of milk and then clean her up and changed her. When I put on the uniform on her, she cried even harder. We left home at 7.30am. She cried all her way to school, but once there she’s alright.

There’s no formal class today. More of a registration day for parents to pay up and school ends early at 10am and it’s not compulsory to stay, nevertheless, I let JS stayed there and I went to do my marketing. Picked her up at 10am, and she was happy, running about playing. I had paid up front last month. RM30 for registration, enrolment + uniform + first month school fees…altogether paid RM630.  The montly fees is RM150. Lucky got SIL#1 sponsored JS’s schooling. Used back the old school bag and stationaries, and no need to buy new shoes as they are required to take off their shoes in school, save up a bit on that.

After my marketing, I sent WH to the Montessori school near our house, just to check if their playgroup has started. We stayed for an hour, and WH refused to go home. He wants to go school very much. He’s a very quiet observant boy and he’s bolder than his sister. He can concentrate quite well on working with the materials. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough headcount to start the play group. The school needed a teacher. I was very tempted and keen to take up the offer, but I can’t commit myself because I need to chauffeur JS to and from school. I wish I can make better arrangement on JS’s transportation to school, then I can take up the offer as a Montessori teacher and put what I ‘ve learned in practice.

After school, JS and me chatted alot. She said she’s happy and having fun at school and she has made me proud by not crying. Yes indeed I’m proud of her behaviour today at school, she didn’t cry at all and she went to play by herself quite fast and didn’t cling to me as she would do usually, but I know she hasn’t totally settle in, as she still can’t make up her mind and told me she wanted to stay home tomorrow but the next instant she would say I can come home to cook lunch for her after that only pick her up from school. However I can see that overall she’s happy today (maybe there’s no formal class yet, what she did today was just play). I hope very soon she will develop a sense of belonging to her school and make some friends.  The mixture of difference races of students and also teachers is quite balance, which make JS feel more at ease.




3.jpg WH working on the shapes block with magnetic top.

1.jpg Trying on the pink tower. The pink tower is part of the Montessori curiculum in the Sensorial part, which is not easy for a 2 years old to build up. Even JS took 2 attempts to complete it the other day.

2.jpg WH said ” I stand up and do” when the tower became  too high for him to work on seated.

Weekends Update

December 12, 2006

These were what we did for the past 3 weekends.

25/11 On our way back to my parent’s place, we stopped by at Sepang. A1 was going on. Initially we thought that we needed to buy the tickets, so we just drove around the outside of the circuit to let the kids watch. Later we found out that it’s training session and admission is free, so we went in.

 WH: “this is my dream car”

 Posting with sexy models. I’m surprise WH is not at all scared to be carried by strangers.

Model in the making!

We didn’t stay long as we were not prepare for it (didn’t bring ear plug for the kids) and it was very hot.

Dropped off the stuffs at my parents place and then went over to SIL house to put up the xmas tree.

Later that day, we had dinner at the chinese restaurant to celebrate MIL’s birthday.

Sunday – Gone over to my girlfriend’s house to attend her wedding ceremony.

2nd weekend. Hubby brought the kids out with SIL while I was attending classes during Saturday and Sunday.

3rd weekend. I had my practical exam. We came back home early on Sunday.


November 15, 2006

After JS’s haircut, I’ve decided that WH also need a little trim for his very little locks. Being calculative (not willing to spent the RM2 -5 ) for a simple haircut… decided to DIY again.

The first time I’ve trimmed it for him, turned out to be quite a disaster . The first time he could sit still, but this time round he’s moving about a lot and I have to get the maid to hold him down and I try to avoid cutting too short like the first time. But good thing is he never fuss about getting his hair cut.

Before (see the curly side)


Hubby asked why got no sideburn….errr…. now “heng” la…it’s the “IN” thing…haha….what do you think? Nice or not?

Asked WH: “Who handsome? Daddy or WH?”

WH: “I”

“Daddy handsome or not?”

WH: “NO”

Haircut Day

November 14, 2006

Took JS to the parlour to have her hair cut yesterday. I love girl to have long hair that I can play around with different hair do…but JS dislike having her hair tie up and it’s looking very messy. She herself actually like to keep long hair…but after trying “brain wash” her…she finally agreed to have her hair cut without any fuss…

 Long hair made her look more matured…but also very untidy

Short hair (娃娃装) makes her look like a Japanese doll. It’s so much more refreshing and light to look at her face.  Also make me realize that she’s still such a baby despite me treating her like a more grown up girl each day.

My Boy

October 12, 2006

 Just mummy-and-son time at the kopitiam. I enjoy this special moment where I just bring WH out and have one to one time with him. (usually when JS’s at school)

 “This is the way I row the boat….”

 Riding on Barbie Doll’s bicycle.

 On a makeshift imaginary car ride.

 On a makeshift bus..house always in a mess with disarranged furnitures

 See what WH’s done. Dissemble his toy car’s tyres and put it at the chair to make bus…no one taught him that. He’s in such an experimenting stage that almost all new toys (cars, trains) has been spoilt by him. He would dissembled them, and try to fix it back (Engineer in the making.. :D)

This boy has asked to wear his sister’s shirt (unisex one)…. which time he would go to JS’s cloths drawer and dig out the shirt he wants and says “wear jie jie’s shirt” .. *so vain*

The other day JS left some coins on the table, WH’s so quick to quickly go to the drawer, took out HIS piggy and started putting the coins in….of course the sister ended crying .

He favourite phrases now is “mummy come” and each time we help him to do something, he would say “thank you” in the sweetest tone without being prompted.

 My Cheeky Joker… I love him to bits…

Mooncake Festival II

October 7, 2006

Despite the haze, I let the kids play outside after dinner last night. It would be such a pity if they miss the chance, JS told hub ” daddy, today is lantern festival. Tonight is the last day to play lantern, after that cannot play anymore” I was actually still hesistating whether to let her out before she said that, but upon hearing her say that, it’s like so “kesian”. How could I deny her the chance to have fun.

We lighted up the candles and hang the paper lanterns on the fence (still have 2 packes of candles left though). They had good fun for almost one hour.