JS Recite Poem

November 15, 2006

JS recite chinese poem..




JS’s The Teacher

September 29, 2006

Just have to teach the eldest well, and they will take the role to teach their younger sibblings… here’s proof. 😀

Asked her why she didn’t read the book she’s still learning, she said ” my book got too many new words, WH won’t know, I teach him the simple one first.” 😀

Patriotic JS

August 24, 2006

JS singing Jalur Gemilang and Merdeka song doing a march as well. I suppose she picks that up from school. I myself dont know what she’s singing coz I don’t know the lyrics of these song, but for a family that didn’t speak malay at home and a girl barely four, I think she’s cute in her act… Jalur Gemilang…  Bulan lapan, tiga puluh satu (JS said lima puluh satu), merdeka, merdeka…

One Step Closer Toward Self Feeding

August 23, 2006

The kids are showing sign that they are keen on self feeding except the time when I cook porriadge for them.

As a mother, no matter how old is your kids, I guess one will always find joy in seeing the kids gobble down the food you specially cook for them…



Dad’s Birthday Celebration

August 23, 2006

My aunts had organized a birthday celebration for my dad 60th birhtday.

We had it at Country Heights Kajang. Aunt got 4 apartments at Country Villas to accomodate all of us where most of the family members were present.

Most of them had check in on Friday afternoon. We only managed to be there after hubby finished work. We reached country heights at 9.30pm.

Friday was my dad actual birthday but aunt has mistaken it to be on 19/8/2006, hence no cake was prepared, she only realize the mistake when I played my slide show over the TV ( It was a beautiful slide, touching and heart warming, Thank You very much Lou Kong!). Aunt quickly went out to buy a cake for dad from Secret Recipe.

We stayed 2 nights day. It more like a family gathering. Food, noices and was fun for my children as they get to play with my cousins who are around their age.  

 The Birthday Boy

 The cake cutting ceremony

The group photo session (that’s not all of us, 21 more were absent). It’s hard to get everyone organized, at one attempt, grandfather even climbed onto the chair…..

 Food and more food…..we catered for all the meals, so much left over until we have to pack back on the last day…

 The women folks into jewellery making. 2 aunts are into this hobby and having a part time business on that.. 

The children, my kids and their uncles and auties (my cousins)…. hubby put up the tent for the kids to play in.

 Grandfather surrounded by his grandchildren

  The aunties… 2 aunties from Aust were unable to make it this time…

 What has got the adult’s attention??? …. children including mine playing football at the backyard (video too big to be uploaded) The kids also had fun at the pool and playground…


August 16, 2006

When the kids not playing and loving each other, they are usually fighting or JS scolding her little brother. Sometimes when WH calls out to JS just for the fun of it also he will get scolding from his sister

WH: Jiejieeeeee….. jiejieee….

JS: Dont’ call me… go away…

I’m actually so sick of the way she talks to WH. So “pa zha”, tried many times to get her to be nice to the brother, but most of the time, it’s one ear in, another ear out….WH is always with a very mild temper, always happy go lucky with a cheery face…. JS’s very “pa zha”

Caught her scolding her brother on video. She was playing blocks, build a castle for cinderella and WH purposely banged it down with his car. (The mischevious boy, the more you asked him not to throw/kick/bang, the more he will do it)

Is this the tone I’m using when I’m really really mad at her? Want to scold the kids also worry they will pick up the habit of scolding others…. it’s tough to be parents!!

I actually see a lot of myself in JS. As much as I want to deny it, but often seeing her reaction, it’s as if a playback of myself during my younger days. The hot tempered, the stubborness, the tantrum throwing…all the not good side of me is reflected in my daughter (Still remembered my hot tempereness at the age of 5-6). How strange she picks up those threats of my younger days.

Dancing “Kaki”

July 18, 2006

The kids love to dance. JS discovered that by tying a rubber into the box and striking it would make sound, so she happily playing with her invented instrument and singing some silly ole out of tune/no tune song, doing some silly dance together with WH.

WH doing solo dance…